Think & Write #14

Returning Home

Amy sat down and sighed.  She felt bad, because of her disposition.  Granted, she was loved by many.  But she just wanted to be noticed.

Oh, how she longed to have someone see her as she really is!  This sent chills down her spine.

People won’t like me because I’m different…. Amy thought.

But Amy wasn’t about to give up so easily.  With that she got up.  She flew upward and through a tree.

She then flew into a house that looked familiar.  She flew right through the window and into the bathroom.

Amy looked in the mirror.  There was no reflection.  Having seen this, she quietly sighed.

Amy then flew through the wall and into a bedroom.  It was a pink room,  with stuffed animals lying all over the place.  Amy flew over to a stuffed bunny, which was lying on a bed, next to the pillow. This was her favorite stuffed animal.

Mr. Snuffles, she cried.  She tried grabbing the stuffed animal, but her pale hands went right through it.  After several failed attempts of grabbing it, she started bawling.

After a few minutes, Amy looked at the door to her room.  Perhaps mommy and daddy will make me feel better….

Amy flew downstairs.  The TV was on.  It sounded like her parents were watching TV.  Flying through the floor, she listened in on the conversation.

“I don’t know why Amy had to die!” the mother cried.   “That person….”

“It was an accident, honey!” the father argued.  “The other driver wasn’t paying attention.  Amy’s in a better place now…..”

“Is she? Amy didn’t even finish kindergarten! She can’t, now that she’s gone….”

Amy sighed.  What “better place” is mommy and daddy talking about?

Suddenly, a light flashed down on Amy.   She then heard a loud voice.  It sounded like it was calling her.  Amy listened, and she soared up into the sky….


©2012  K. L. Walker