Think & Write #13


Mike shuddered.  He was standing there, totally paralyzed with fear.

“Well,” Josh sighed.  “Are you going to say anything today?”

Mike nervously grunted.  He stammered, advancing through various slides of his presentation.  Finally, he said  “Thank you everyone for listening.  With this information that you saw, I hope we can get our financing in the right direction.”

Mike quickly sat down before anyone could react.

Josh sighed.  “What we have here, ladies and gentleman is a case of stage fright.”

Josh stared carefully at Mike.  “Anyone,” Josh continued.  “How do we handle people who have a bad case of stage fright?”

Stacie raised her hand.  “We invite them to a Toastmasters meeting!”

Josh smiled.  “That’s right.  Now Mike,  we didn’t get a lot out of that presentation today.  I would like you to try Toastmasters and give this presentation in another month.  You can come to our company club tonight.  How does that sound?”

Mike smiled sheepishly.  “Sure. I’ll be there.”

“Very good,”  Josh beamed.  “We’ll see you there tonight.  Don’t worry about the presentation that you gave today.  We’re going to work on that, okay?”

Mike nodded.

Having been relieved that he didn’t get fired, Mike left the room.  After that fiasco, Mike was curious about the meeting.  What was there to learn?  Mike was about to find out….


©2012  K. L. Walker

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