Think & Write #4

Dreaming While Awake

I entered my daughter’s room and she woke up.  A grin appeared on her face.

My daughter smiled.  “I’m ready, daddy!”

I smiled and gave my daughter a hug.  “Okay honey.”

My daughter looked around the room.  Everything was different.  Unicorns entered her room and a waterfall appeared.  A tiara appeared on her head.  “Do you like it, daddy?”

“Oh, it’s beautiful honey….” I said with my usual grin.

My daughter is a very special daughter with a very special talent.  When she’s awake, the whole world is her canvas.  Anything she wants to create can be made.

“Stairs….” The daughter said.  “Stairs leading up to the sky….”

The stairs appeared just as she said.  The daughter then grabbed me by the hand.

“Come on, daddy,” She pleaded.

I followed her up the stairs.  On my way up, I saw flying hippos, purple cactuses, and a furry cat-creature.

“As tall as the sky!” My daughter said.

And the house did just that.  The house grew as tall as the sky.  There were balloons of every color, hearts, diamonds, sparkles, and bright lights everywhere.

My daughter looked at me with a bright smile.  “Isn’t it beautiful, daddy?”

I looked at her and smiled.  “It surely is, honey.”

My daughter then looked all around her.  “Again! Again!”

I then woke up, to find my daughter entering the room.

A nice big grin appeared on my daughter’s face.  “Let’s do it again!”


©2012  K. L. Walker

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