Think & Write #5

Dream Girl

I woke up.

As I was walking over to my dresser, I noticed a beautiful young lady standing next to me.

“Hi John.”  She said with a grin.

This shocked me, since this was the same girl that I was dreaming of.

“Excuse me,” I said, all bewildered.  “How is this even possible?  You are here, in the real world.  How did you get out of my dreams?”

My dream girl, Shanna looked at me and frowned.  “Real world?” She gasped.  “What is this ‘real world”?”

“You’re here!  This is not the world that you live in.  This is the world that I live in.”

Shanna got up on my bed.  “Can we fly in this world?”

“No Shanna, we can’t….”

Before I could even finish my sentence, Shanna lunged forward, attempting to fly.  She landed hard on her stomach.

“We can’t fly,” I told her.  “This world has different rules.  My world has this thing called gravity, okay?”

Shanna was even more confused.  “Gravity? How can we fly then?”

“Birds can fly, but we can’t. ”  I told her.  “The only way we can fly is in an airplane.”

Shanna smiled.  “I want to turn into a bird.”

I sighed.  “You don’t understand.  You cannot change your shape in my world.”

Shanna frowned and scowled.  “Your world is boring!  I want to go back to my world!”

Shanna closed her eyes as hard as she could.  It was no use. She was stuck in my world.


©2012  K. L. Walker

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