Think & Write #2

The Mysterious Blond

I was overcome by her beauty.  She wore a golden strand of hair, decorated in jewelry that I have never seen before.  I have not seen anything like it on earth, nor have I ever seen anything like it before.

She wore a pink dress woven in a mysterious pattern.  It was almost like a robe, but it looked so much like a dress.  Her footwear was mysterious, and flashed brightly with every step she took.

I tried talking to her, but she shyed away.  It was as if she didn’t understand a word I said.

“Hello,” I nervously choked.  “I am Kyle….”

The blond-haired girl backed away, as if she didn’t understand.  “Ma qua qi?

“I’m sorry.” I sighed.  “I don’t understand….”

The blonde-haired girl walked toward me.  “Ma….” She quietly said.  “Ma….

At this point, I was confused.  “Do you want your mother?” I asked her.

After I said that, I became completely embarassed.  I just asked her a question that she did not understand.  If she didn’t speak my language, how would she understand a word I just said?

Regardless, we both stared at each other, trying to communicate to one another in some way.

The blond-haired girl then stared at me and closed her eyes….


©2012  K. L. Walker