Think & Write #1

I feel terrible that I have allowed this site to suffer so much neglect.  Starting today, I will try something new.

I will think about a subject to write about.  It can be anything.  It can be a story, a poem….anything.  For 10 minutes, I will write about this subject.  There is only one rule: NO REVISING.  Whatever is written cannot be erased.  I’m thinking and WRITING, not thinking and revising.

With that,  let the thinking and writing begin!


Farewell to a Friend

Cindy woke up, her face all wet.  Her face was covered in tears.  She got up from her bed and started to bawl.  “Mittens!  Why won’t you come back?”

Cindy got up and left her room.  She knocked on the door to her parent’s room and entered it.  “Mittens is gone, mommy!  Mittens is gone!”

The mother invited Cindy to sit down on her lap. “Come here, honey.  Go back to sleep. You are just having a bad dream….”

Cindy continued to sob.  “But Mittens….” she choked.

The mother gave Cindy a hug.  “I know that Mittens  hasn’t come back yet.  But where ever he is, he’s in a better place.  Mittens is happier there.”

Cindy wiped the tears from her eyes.  “I know.  I just want to see Mittens again.”

The mother brought Cindy to her feet and led her back to her room.  “Mittens wants you to be happy.  I miss him too.  Everyone in this family misses him.  Your brother and your younger sister.”


©2012  K. L. Walker

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