On a Pen and a Prayer….

Did I say pen?  I actually meant to say “keyboard”, but that word doesn’t work very well in this context and there wouldn’t be any alliteration.  Anyways, I digress.

Getting to the heart of the matter, writers really have their odds stacked against them.  Their chances at success are very little, if any at all.  Even if I were to write something good,  That in itself would only satisfy the status quo.  Tens of thousands of writers can write something good, leaving only a very small number capable of writing something great.

This is where great divide begins.  The bottomless chasm that separates “good” writers from “great” writers.  “Great” writers can actually make a living writing novels and going on book tours.  “Good” writers need to keep their day job.  They amass a portfolio of various writings and continually perfect their novel, in hopeful expectation that their work will be published someday.  They want to be next in line, joining the ranks with all the other “great” writers of the world.

So where do I stand?  I consider myself a “good” writer, with “good” taking on the role as my mortal enemy.  Good is not good enough, so I exhaust all my efforts to best it until it is conquered.  When good is defeated, good becomes great.  It is a rather idealistic goal, but one that is seemingly impossible at the moment.  Good has been tough to master, and I have been wrestling it for a long time.

But hope springs eternal.  A faint glint of hope is clearly visible by those who embrace optimism and are unwilling to let it go.  This hope is given to us by God.  This is what I believe, and I’m not ashamed to say it.  Whether you accept it or reject it, that is up to you.

In grasping this hope, I will continue battling good until I rise above it.  When good becomes great,  maybe then I can pave a brighter future.  A future filled with better things.