Pizza Dream….

I don’t know if I have mentioned it on this site, so I’ll mention it now.

Recently, I have expressed an interest in having my own pizza business.  Upon recent research, however, I guess I’m going to have to kiss that dream goodbye.

With pizza being a $30 billion a year business, there is no such thing as too many pizza stores.  The trick, however, is finding a franchise that your area doesn’t have yet.

Enter Papa Murphy’s Pizza.  This chain is unique, in that it prepares the pizza for you.  From there, you take the pizza home and bake it yourself.

When I looked up the franchise information to start one of these stores, my dreams flew out the window.  It would cost $200,000-$400,000 to start a franchise.  To put things in perspective, my bank account doesn’t even have a comma yet.  The only way to make this kind of money would be to win the lottery, or have the salary of an experienced brain surgeon, dentist or attorney.

And that’s only half of the obstacle.  The other half is actually having managerial experience.  While I’m proficient at making pizzas, I have not become manager yet.  I could work on that and get there eventually, but that still wouldn’t be enough to actually have the money to start a franchise of this scale.  It’s like the old saying goes: “you have to spend money to make money”.  In this case, I would have to spend a lot to even get started.

So kiss that dream goodbye.  Forget I even mentioned it.  With that, I will just go back to writing – something that I’m actually somewhat decent at.

2 thoughts on “Pizza Dream….

  1. You could try to apply for a small business loan although you would need some collateral to put up like property/house/car(s) but it might be something to look into

  2. That’s a good suggestion. In the meantime, I will focus on writing and getting my name out there. The other option is to find a good business partner to help pay for it…. 🙂

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