The Infinity Code – Introduction

It was a triumph.  The greatest marvel that the world has ever seen.

At least that’s what they said.  It changed the world, and I fear that it did for the worst.

What good is it to live forever?  It can still be ended by a terrible accident.  The world has become a prison.  A prison full of unaging people in an aging planet.

I have seen it all.  I’ve been there since the beginning.  I have seen the thrills people get from receiving the treatments.  It always starts like that, but it ultimately ends in boredom.  You can become younger and then older again.  After a few lifetimes of aging up and down, just living becomes nothing new.  It’s just another day.  Another decade.  Another century.

I have seen it all because I was among the first to receive the treatment.  I was there when the “latest discovery” was discovered.   While it seems like forever ago,  I can still remember it fresh in my mind.  I remember the first announcement on the news.  I remember being injected with the stem cells.  I remember my first day as a teenager – again. I remember, because I have kept a careful record of it from the beginning.  The scientific community called it “The Infinity Code”, and I can remember being one of the first in line to try it.

That’s about all I have for the introduction.  I might need a new name for the story.  Thanks, Emma Young…. 😛