One Silmaril to Rule Them All….

Before the One Ring that we’re all so very familiar with, the history of Middle Earth goes much more further than that.  While Lord of the Rings dealt primarily with the Third Age and the Ringbearers, it began with the First Age, and the Silmarils, which the Elves warred against the Dark Lord Morgoth to recover them.

In once again taking a break from the “Code”, I have decided to begin my literary journey with the Silmarillion.  It pretty much is just a compendium of the history of Middle Earth, from beginning to end.  Once I have read this book, I will let you know what I think of it.

As for the immediate present, I will be working on “The Infinity Code” this weekend.  To clarify regarding updates on this site, there will be no posts on the weekends.  There will exceptions to this rule on occasion, but will assure you that it will not happen very often.

With that, make yourself at home at the Estate.  Go ahead and read the first three chapters of The Masters Chronicles if you haven’t yet.  There is much to find at this estate, and there is plenty more to come.  Keep yourself cozy, and stay tuned.