A tragedy has occurred in our country.  One of President Obama’s teleprompters died an untimely death yesterday afternoon.

It would’ve been more fun, however, if both teleprompters were broken into a million pieces.  Knowing that Obama can not speak without a teleprompter, he would probably stagger though the speech, in a feat that would make Robert Gibbs look articulate.  You have to remember that it is not the president that is doing the talking.  It is the teleprompter. With TOTUS out of the picture,  a new Communicator in Chief will need to be sworn in.

I could imagine that they have a room with 100 extra teleprompters, that they would use for such an occasion. TOTUS has lived a short life, but it is time to move on.  Should there be a funeral?  Nah.  Only a few parting words before it’s thrown away. It must be real tragic for Obama, considering that he lost one of his beloved teleprompters.

Don’t worry.  There’s plenty of other teleprompters out there. This may be true, but there’s only one TOTUS.  I mean, how many teleprompters can play a trick on the president like that?