A Greener Internet? Now They’ve Gone Too Far!

Just when I thought the “green” movement couldn’t get any more ridiculous!  I am aware of the environmentalist wackos trying to save the environment with greener cars and greener packaging.  Now they want a greener internet.

This is so funny. If I were you, I would read this entry as quickly as you can.  The longer you spend on this entry, the more CO2 that gets released into the atmosphere.  Hurry! Quick! Don’t want to pollute the environment by surfing the internet, right? This is just too much.  The green movement is nothing more than just another market for businesses to tap into, and fill their wallets with more green.

Now I have nothing against businesses expanding and prospering, but this whole green thing is getting out of control.  I’m for a good environment but let’s amp it down a bit. Having been an avid surfer on the internet over the years, I guess I can say that I dumped tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.  And I’ll dump tons more.  I’ll make my carbon footprint, um, I mean,  handprint as large as possible.

Seriously.  Can you really burn carbon by just staring at a stinkin’ webpage all day?  Somebody call MythBusters.  Maybe they can hook up a bunch of computers and see if they burn any carbon dioxide at all.  Computers don’t run on gas. Just hilarious.  Completely hilarious.