Wild Card Friday – Star Spangled Memories

For Wild Card Friday this week, I have decided to reminisce about how I spent the Fourth of July in the past years, since the Fourth of July is tomorrow. What I want to talk about in particular is my favorite part of the Fourth of July: the fireworks.  It doesn’t matter where they are.   I just know that if there’s going to be any Fourth of July at all, there better be fireworks.

I can recall fond memories of going up north and watching the fireworks by the lake at Vic’s Beach (It wasn’t really his beach, but that’s what we called it.)  During one year, when I was much younger,  some firecrackers got out of control.  I stayed near my family to make sure that I didn’t get hit by one.

During another year at Vic’s Beach, when I was older, I remember playing In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida there.  It wasn’t quite dark yet, but it led up to what I was looking forward to later.

During one year or another, I celebrated the Fourth in East Jordan, since my parents had this friend that owned hunting land with a camp site on top of the hill.  I can’t remember too much about the fireworks.  I just know that it was crowded and just as exciting as other years.

In a more recent year, I aaw the fireworks up north near Barton City.  This wasn’t Vic’s Beach but the show was still impressive.

Last year was a different year for fireworks.  Being in town, I saw the fireworks at the Tridge with a few people I knew.  This was probably one of the better shows that I have been to, only I heard that the fireworks in Bay City are better.

Thus ends the memories.  This year, I will be seeing fireworks at the tridge.  The Fourth isn’t just a time to be patriotic, but a time to sit and enjoy the show. Here’s to hoping that this year’s Fourth will be as good as all the others.  And like every year, it will end with a bang. Happy Fourth of July Eve, everyone!

—— EDIT: I actually ended up going to the Bay City fireworks, and they were FANTASTIC!!!!