I Guess the Fireworks are Starting Early.

If unemployment could be compared to fireworks, we all have a front row seat, watching them shoot off left and right. An especially large “firework” was launched today, indicating our 26 year high in unemployment.

With the Dow losing 223 points today, that would make it the average’s worse day since April 20th. With all these all these “fireworks” going off in various directions,  it is making me extra cautious in planning my future, finding what remaining pieces of ice I can leap to, to navigate out of this ocean of unemployment.

Having just found a job at a gas station,  I can very well say that I am beating the odds.  My journey has begun.  However long or short it may be, I will find solid land. Unemployment is something like that.  Not the best analogy, but what the heck, the Fourth of July is in a couple of days.  And there’s nothing wrong in celebrating early, right?