Now THIS Sucks.

President Obama is going after big business again, and he’s doing so by going after tax havens overseas.  These loopholes have allowed businesses to pay less taxes.  His strategy?  Create class envy and go after those wealthy people.

Doesn’t Obama know that the wealthy pay for most of the taxes in this country?  When businesses pay more taxes, it becomes more expensive, leading to layoffs. This is redistribution of wealth.  Another “genius” move by Obama.

I’ve been pretty busy today, which explains the brevity of this post.  I’m now going to build a list of everyone I know and find out if they have any leads in the writing industry. That way, I can find a business that will actually pay me to write for them, instead of squandering my time on a blog that I merely consider a hobby.

Meh.  So busy today.  So many things to do, so little time.  And wasting my time on a blog is not how I want to spend my time. Later, blogheads.

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