They’re Taking Over….

It’s an invasion.  They have already taken over thousands of homes, and now they plan on taking over Disney.

Well, sort of. Yes.  I’m not too crazy about Hulu.  That, with their plan to take over the world, and all.  I couldn’t subscribe to it anyway, since I lack the funds to do so. I guess if given a free trial, I would let those aliens feast on my brain like it was cottage cheese, and they could go on with their takeover.

But what shows would really interest me on that service?  If there are any at all, they would all be reruns, and it wouldn’t really benefit me.  There aren’t too many shows I miss, anyway.

Once I finish my book and it becomes a New York Times bestseller, I can begin to afford luxuries like Hulu. Okay,  my book  probably won’t make it that far, but one can hope, right?