I smell a global conspiracy….

Call it a hunch,  but I feel that this G20 summit is not going to solve our financial woes. While Obama and 19 other world leaders are gearing up to “solve the world’s problems”,  thousands are protesting in the streets of London.

Thousands of angry demonstrators rallied in London Wednesday on the eve of a G20 summit on the global economic crisis, as police deployed in force. Amid bright spring sunshine, demonstrators rallied to causes ranging from helping the world’s poor, action against climate change and punishing those reponsible for the current downturn. “It’s our money they’ve stolen” read a placard branded outside the Bank of England, as huge crowds gathered in the City to protest Thursday’s summit. One protestor dressed as the Grim Reaper led the rally to the central bank, where demonstrators chanted: “Build a bonfire, build a bonfire. Put the bankers on the top. “Put (Prime Minister) Gordon Brown in the middle. And then burn the … lot,” they added.

Do you think that these demonstrators know something about what’s going on?  For one thing,  Gordon Brown is not well liked, and he’s buddy-buddy with President Obama.   The other issue at hand is that these people have lost money, and they want it back.

What’s worse than having one Obama is having two Obamas: The original and one with British flair.  The prime minister,  of course, is only part of the issue. While the pandemonium continues on the streets, 20 nations meet behind closed doors, discussing “solutions” to the world’s financial woes.   One of their solutions is a global currency, something that the UN would just love to have implemented.

In addition to that, there would be a push for international regulation of the US economy. Call me crazy, but I don’t think that this summit is going to bring any solutions.  It will, however, eventually usher in an Orwellian age that no one is prepared for. Now I may be little ahead of myself, but something just doesn’t seem right with a throng of 4,000+ unruly people ravaging the streets of London.  With this unprecedented chaos, I don’t think French president Nicolas Sarkozy will be walking out on the summit.

The whole idea of this riot outside of the G20 summit is just shocking.  I guess some opposition was to be expected at this summit, but never at this level.  With the tensions rising here and in the UK, I guess they had it coming to them.  In implementing half-baked policies and engaging in wanton spending, both here and in Britain, this has escalated anger to its breaking point.  Fortunes have been lost and fiscal irresponsibility has come to an all-time high.   This has unleashed a pack of angry demonstrators to create the revolutionary shot heard around the world.  These people have had enough.

And along the lines of Twisted Sister “they’re not going to take it anymore”.  This is what happens when the people are ignored. Washington should be at their desks, vigorously taking notes.   There’s going to be a test.