Rick Wagoner, You’re Fired!

President Obama just pulled a Donald Trump. Rick Wagoner, the chairman and CEO of General Motors, was asked to step down by the president.  This was clearly the way the Donald would do it, only he didn’t use the words “You’re Fired”. So there you go.

Obama is now going after the automobile industry.  He is going to use “government intervention” to help out GM.  That’s Obamaese for taking over the automobile industry.  You didn’t do anything quick enough.  So it’s time for us to take over. If Karl Marx was still alive, he would be jealous at the socialist agenda that our president is pushing.

Obama has set a record for spending the most money in history in just under a couple months.  Somebody call Guinness. If the government is going to take over the automobile industry, us chubby Americans better start losing weight.  We’re going to need it to be able to fit in the cars that we will all be mandated to drive.  GM will be forced to come out with their version of the Beetle.

It is official: General Motors is now Government Motors. Thank you Obama, for ruining the state that I live in.