The casualties are on the rise….

Yes.  Casualties.  And it couldn’t happen any closer to home!  Home Depot killed 7,000.  Sprint killed 8,000 and Pfizer killed 8,000 more.  If you include Caterpillar, that’s 40,000 casualties in one day.  Losing this many jobs in one day is devastating. Rush made another interesting point yesterday, when he compared the loss of jobs with the loss of U.S. casualties in Iraq.

During the Bush Administration,  the Propaganda kept a running tally of each soldier killed in Iraq.  For each day our soldiers were killed, they let you know exactly how many were killed, expressing their hatred and contempt for the surge and the War on Terror. And guess what?  The surge worked! For the first time, Iraqis can elect a leader into office.  This was all possible from our past president’s decision to liberate Iraq. With President Obama in office, however, our national safety is going to take a turn for the worst.  Recently, he has closed the prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where some of the terrorists were kept.

With the prison closed, where is he going to send them? What’s worst is that he’s allowing them all to have a trial.  Terrorists don’t have rights!  Do prisoners have rights?  Are all the prisoners in this country going to be tried again?  How about all the murderers and sex offenders?  Are we going to let them all go and give them a fair trial?  Of course not!  When you give a prisoner rights that they forfeit,  you destroy the whole purpose of the prison system. President Obama says that Muslims are good people.  I agree with that, but the radical Muslims are not!  They are the ones that attacked our World Trade Center on 9/11, remember?

The radicals are waging Jihad on us, and on the world!  Why would Obama give these extemists the right to a fair trial? Obama is cutting spending on our National Defense.  He is lifting the protective barrier that Bush gave us when he was in office.  The protective barrier that Bush FOUGHT for every day when he was in office.  You could very well say that we, the United States of America, are painting a huge bullseye on our backs.  It is about as dumb as a soldier removing his armor and running toward the enemy shouting, “Come and get me!” What do you think the other countries think of us?  Their new president is cutting back on their national defense and releasing terrorists.  What’s wrong with this picture?  What’s happening over there in America?

Back on our shores, we’re seeing the dawn of a new kind of war.  Rush calls this war the “Obama War on Prosperity”.  Looking back at how the Propaganda told us how many jobs were lost,  shouldn’t they keep one on the number of jobs killed each day under the Obama Regime?  Entrepreneurship is being killed, one job at a time.  Trillions of dollars are being siphoned from the private sector’s pocket and transferred into Uncle Sam’s.  And you don’t decide whether you win or lose.  That will be up to the government. It’s outrageous how people can get so upset on how a business overspends their money.

But when the government overspends, it’s no big deal.  Why?  Because the people think that they can benefit from that.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Wait! That’s not fair!   Of course it isn’t.  That’s what happens in business.  It’s about taking risks.  Some succeed and some fail.  Some build their success from past failures. Would you rather have everything be fair?  Fairness and prosperity are mutually exclusive.  Fairness punishes prosperity.

Think about it.  If everything was fair,  nobody could advance.  Everyone would receive the same wage.  If you tried to make more, you would be discouraged from doing so, since that wouldn’t be fair for everyone else. We are on the verge of seeing that happen.  With the government beginning to gobble up the private sector,  we are seeing the loss of jobs left and right.  Jobs that came from BUSINESSES we worked for to pay the taxes.

With all these jobs beginning to disappear,  how are they even going to pay for their $1 trillion dollar “stimulus” plan? More taxes.  They will begin to dig deeper into your pockets.   Hold on to your money.  This is going to hurt you more than it’s going to hurt me. Furthermore, they will use some of that to finance their next election.  Around $4 billion is going toward ACORN, and voter fraud organizations.  We are actually funding Obama’s army.  This is not a stimulus plan.  It’s more like a “porkulus plan”. This is more insanity than I can stand.  Thank goodness for Rush and conservative media.  Now that’s one piece of sanity that I can hang on to.