Rush’s 46/54 Stimulus Plan: The ONLY true Bipartisan plan out there.


If the Democrats really want to be bipartisan with the Republicans,  they would have a plan that would be truely bipartisan. But wait?  Didn’t they say they were bipartisan?  Yes, but their definition is wrong.  Bipartisanship for them is having all the Republicans caving in and agreeing with them.  THIS is not bipartisanship.  Bipartisanship is working together to solve a problem.

Just yesterday, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh.  In a time like this, he is a breath of fresh air.  He’s one of the very few voices of reason we have in a country that is inundated with the Propaganda. Anyway,  I was listening to Rush, when I heard him mention that President Obama made an alarming statement about him.  President Obama told Republicans on Capital Hill to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. You see,  President Obama and his Regime wants to marginalize mainstream conservative media and attack capitalism.  His plan is based on rule #13 from the school of Saul D. Alinsky and his book: Rules for Radicals: “Pick the target. freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

This is exactly how Obama will attempt to establish “bipartisanship”.  Get the Republicans to cave in and agree with him and there you go! This country is sinking deeper and deeper into a recession and instead of working together, we’re completed divided.  Red on one side, and blue on the other.  The problem won’t get solved having the reds surrender to the blue’s ideas.  Let us combine the ideas from both sides and work out a compromise. Enter Rush’s Bipartisan Stimulus plan.

Yesterday on the radio, at 1:00 p.m. EST on the Rush Limbaugh Show, Rush explained a plan that he called “The Obama-Limbaugh Bipartisan Stimulus Plan of 2009”.  Now Rush is not fooling here.  This was a serious proposal that he made yesterday on his program.  In his plan,  he mentioned how $1 trillion was generated by American taxpayers in the private sector.  That’s right.  The very sector Obama is trying to demonize and take over generated $1 trillion for the government.  Congress wants to spend this money they don’t even have until you and me go to work and pay taxes. There is no compromise in President Obama’s plan.  It’s Obama’s way, or the highway.  As I mentioned before, he misdefines bipartisanship and thinks that he can establish that by Republicans agreeing with his plan.  That is not bipartisanship.  That is conformity.

If you want to hear a truly bipartisan plan, keep reading.  Rush’s plan is truly fair and both sides can get what they want. Rush’s plan is based on the votes from the 2008 Presidential Election.  What are those numbers?  Fifty-three percent of voters voted for Obama.  Forty-six percent of voters voted for Senator McCain and the remaining one percent voted for nutcases.  We’ll give Obama that extra percent, adjusting his numbers to 54%. Now Rush, in his plan, wants Democrats to have $540 billion of that trillion to spend their way, and $460 billion for Republicans to spend their way.  Each party can spend their money and we can see which stimulus plan actually works.

Do we all work for the government?  No! That would be socialism.  Of course we don’t!  A lot of us work for businesses.  The problem, however, is that our country is not that attractive with a 35% corporate tax rate, which is the highest corporate tax rate among industrialized nations.  Rush wants the rate cut in half.  Now wouldn’t this make sense?  More businesses! More jobs!  Isn’t this what we want? Yes, but it isn’t what President Obama wants.  He and his cronies are out to make business look bad and government look good.  He wants us to think of business the same way we think of communism.

His PR machine and fiance the Propaganda is chanting the mantra “Government good, business bad.” Getting back to Rush’s plan,  I think that it is a great plan.  But it would only work if President Obama gives it the time of day.  Why should we fight, Democrat versus Republican,  when we can work out a compromise together and get something done?  The pressing issue is jobs right now, and bringing this dying economy back to life. I say we give it a try.  What have we got to lose?  Let’s unite, work together, and fix this broken economy.  Who’s with me?

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