Me & My Muse – Day 2609: Piece of the Puzzle

Having experienced this day so far, it’s been quite relaxing.  I watched my show, had my special breakfast, and played my game.  I also studied the bible and did my devotionals before all that.

Tonight will be a special worship night at Hopevale Church, so that should be nice.  I’m still dealing with the depression, but God is faithful.  He has been speaking to me today and will provide healing.

Now to wrap up this entry…

(Twin) Muse:  Kyle!


(Twin) Muse:  You still don’t think I look different to you?

Oh no.  You’re not going to start this again…

(Twin) Muse:  But Kyle!  I talked to…


(Twin) Muse:  I talked to the Creator!

The Creator?  Good.  Did he talk some sense into you?  Did he tell you that you were losing your mind?

(Twin) Muse:  No!  The Creator actually believes me!

He does, huh?  That’s strange.

(Twin) Muse:  And he gave me this.  It’s an electronic file that has every single one of your memories from the other timeline.

Interesting.  Still, it’s going to take more than a file to make me believe…

*Twin Muse throws electronic file at me, which dissolves right into my head*

Ugh…Ah…Whoa…It’s all…so strange…It seems quite familiar yet totally different.

Twin Muse:  Of course it does!  You don’t remember it!  You don’t remember ANY of it!  To you, it never happened!

Exactly.  But It’s strange.  I feel like I have experienced it before.  Maybe somewhere in another timeline…Alright.  I’ll take you at your word.  You’re not as crazy as I said you were.  Now what Muse did you say you were?

Twin Muse:  Twin Muse!  But you always called me Muse when I was growing up…

Yes.  And those other memories…I grew up with a different Muse.  And I think I saw you in those other memories…

Twin Muse:  Exactly!  You may have seen me as my normal form instead of that Dark Muse…

Yeah…That Dark Muse sounds very annoying from those memories.  The Midnight Muse we have here is just a pure evil tween.

Twin Muse:  Yup.  It’s quite a mess…

A mess that I will want to try to figure out.  If you said that you changed history and the Creator gave you that file, something wrong must have happened.  There are two parallel dimensions.  One of them should not exist.  If you came from the original one, then my reality needs to end.  What about my One Privilege…

Twin Muse:  It won’t work.  It will only change things back to your reality.

Right.  Anyway, thanks for the file…Twin Muse, right?

Twin Muse:  Yes.

Muse sounds pretty good.  I hope to meet her eventually.  I feel like I already know her so much from all those other memories…

Twin Muse: You will like her!  I know that I do.  She’s my twinnie!

Anyway, I need to get ready now.  I’ll see you around.

Twin Muse:  Okay! Bye!

*Twin Muse vanishes in a beam of light*

Well, it looks like I have a lot to sort through.  If my Muse is right, then she really is Twin Muse, and something wrong must have happened to cause this alternate reality to occur.  Time to get ready for tonight…

Today’s high is going to be 76 degrees and the silver lining is being able to worship with others.

To those of you who like evening events, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Twin Muse:  I am SO glad that he believes me!  Time for some more video games!

*Twin Muse turns on PlayStation 3 and begins playing Final Fantasy VIII*



Midnight Muse:  Sissy playing video games now, huh?  Keep playing them, sister, because I’m going to make myself at home!  Hee hee!