Me & My Muse – Day 2605: I Miss Work…

Before I get to that, I will recap how this day went.

The day started with a fond stroll to the Grove Tea Lounge for a MyPros Morning Perk Up.  It was a wonderful time to network with some people and get out of the Duplex.  It did wonders for my sanity.

At the Morning Perk Up, I met Patrick McElgunn, owner of the Grove Tea Lounge.  I ordered a Golden Chamomile tea with three dough bites to go with it.  At the table that I sat at, I was met by Taylor Trapani, Josiah Blackmore, and a woman from the U.P. named Molly.  Taylor worked for her mother at Trapani Communications.  Josiah ran his Red Threads Shop business.  Molly worked at DuPont.  We all talked about how we managed our lives during this time.  I mentioned the weekend worship at Hopevale Church and it reminded Josiah about how he first started Red Threads.  He asked God to give him a purpose, and the vision he had was of a T-shirt.  After that, a friend gave him $10,000 worth of resources to start Red Threads.

Overall, it was a good way to start my morning.  I got back to the Duplex and wrote down the prayer I prayed as I walked back.  LORD, guide me deep into your purpose.

Now for the namesake title of the post.  Having made a special arrangement with my work, I could go back to East End to get my things from my desk.  I then discovered that I needed to take my temperature.  I called CVS for thermometers.  They didn’t have any.  I then called Walgreens.  They had some.  I drove to Walgreens, bought a thermometer, and took my temperature.  It was 97.5 degrees.

After that, I drove all the way down Ashman.  I turned onto Buttles, and then turned right onto State Street.  I then turned onto E. Ellsworth Street and tried my badge at the gate.  Amazingly, it still worked.  I put my mask on and entered the building.  I used the foaming hand soap at the entrance.  I checked in with the front desk and they gave me permission to go upstairs.  I got on the elevator to notice four social distancing circles on the four corners.  I used my badge and went up to the fourth floor.  I then used my badge on the sliding door.  Amazingly, it opened and I turned right and kept left as I walked down the hallway that led to my desk.

That’s where I saw it.  4C125B.  Everything was exactly the way I left it 166 days ago.  That’s when it hit me.

I miss work.

I miss sitting at my desk and getting my work done.  That was my work experience.  Not staying locked up at home.

I spent the half hour getting my things loaded onto a cart and then taking them to the parking lot.  I unloaded them and returned the cart back where I left it.  There’s a coworker that loves that cart and would want to know where that is if work ever resumed.

I returned home and worked the rest of my day.

Now that I’m finished, I have some other errands to run.  I have to buy some glasses and some Scoops at Meijer.  I will then drop off my Unlock Michigan petition and stop by my parents to get their mail and check on the cat.  After that, I will get dinner and go home.  That’s pretty much this day in summary.

Today’s high is going to be 85 degrees and the silver lining is being able to visit my workplace again.

To those of you who miss your workplace, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


(Twin) Muse: I miss my Muse.  I know that she’s Midnight Muse but I want her to be normal!  Don’t worry, Kyle.  I will help you to remember…Also, yay!  You got to see your workplace again!  Wasn’t that nice?