Me & My Muse – Day 2595: My Niece’s First Birthday

To review this day as a whole, I can say that I really enjoyed spending time at my sister and brother in law’s for my niece’s first birthday.

This morning, I had my usual breakfast and usual SatAM Sonic cartoon.  I then got all ready and played some more Super Mario Odyssey.

After that, it was approaching 2:30.  A little after that, I set out for my sister’s place.  Once there, I was met with my parents, grandma, my sister Rachel, my brother in law Mitch, and a few of their family and friends.  We had food there and I recorded the gifts until my brother showed up.

It was then time for cake and ice cream and to send everyone home.  I left with a birthday cupcake and a card that my sister had for my brother and I for our birthday.  Inside was a $25 Gift Card to Buffalo Wild Wings and a $25 Gift Card to Panda Express.

Now at home, it is now time for me to unwind.  God is good, and I now need to figure out how to be a blessing for tomorrow.  I know that God will provide me with a way… 🙂

Today’s high is going to be 86 degrees and the silver lining is being able to spend some time with my family.

To those of you who like celebrating important birthday milestones, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Ghost Muse:  She keeps coming from the future.  Does she think that she can prevent this from happening?  Anyway Kyle, congratulations on your niece turning one!