Me & My Muse – Day 2592: Happy Birthday!

Once again, the day is here again. I’m another year older. Another year wiser. Getting on the subject of birthdays, I really love them. Most of us love celebrating the day of our birth. This is usually done with presents, a special dinner and the cake and ice cream, with is the staple for most birthday parties.

Birthdays are also the time that you get numerous people coming out of the woodwork. If you have a facebook, you will find a number of people that you normally never talk to wishing you happy birthday. I actually don’t have a problem with this, since everyone who does this are people that I do know. Some, however, are people that I haven’t talked to in years. Oh facebook and your birthday stalkers. You never cease to amaze me…


Muse:  Happy birthday, Kyle!

Cake 2

For me? Thank you!

Muse: I am also taking a day off from being a ghost, so you won’t have to worry about that.

That’s nice to hear.  I wouldn’t want you to be preoccupied on my birthday!

Muse: Actually, I have just one more place to time travel to.  It’s your birthday from last year.  I’ll be right back.

Really? Not on my birthday!

Muse: Just kidding! I will not turn into a time traveler.  I promise.

I can remember how last year’s birthday was.  You were a tween and you took the day off so that you could spend it with me.  The year before that, you were a mermaid and you took the day off so that you could spend it with me.  The year before that, you were a Jedi and you took the day off so that you could spend it with me.  The year before that, you were were a baby and I wished for you to be an adult for a day.  And the year before that, you were brought from the past with Gabrielle so that I could celebrate my birthday with you. And the year before that, you were just getting over your shy tics. And the year before that, you were the Dark Muse…

Muse: You mean the Bad Idea, right? For just that one day, I was normal. After that, the Bad Idea took over again. It was terrible.

What about being a time traveler?  I haven’t seen the Dark Muse since she appeared that one day.  What is the Dark Muse up to?

Muse:  She’s trying to warn me about something important  I’ll tell you later…

I think I know what it is, but okay.  Awesome! It looks like you have everything all under control.

Muse: It’s fine. There’s nothing that you need to worry about. So, what do you want to do, birthday boy?

Whatever I want. After all, it is my birthday, right?  Well, I do have to work, first.  Besides that, everything else is fair game.

Muse: Right. It took me quite a while to make that cake, so please eat all of it.

Don’t worry. I will, just for you.

Muse: Don’t I get a piece?

We’ll both eat it. We’ll eat it together…

Muse: What about your brother?

All three of us. We will all eat it together.

Muse: Sounds good to me!

You…look beautiful. Even more so than other days.

Muse: It’s for you. I appreciate your level of creativity. It keeps me healthy. The new ideas that are born. The ideas that eventually ripen into the most delicious of food. There is never a shortage. You always provide for me, and I’m thankful for it.

Well, if I leave you starved, it doesn’t help me at all. I don’t mind going the extra mile to keep you healthy.

Muse: Your food has given me a unique vitality. One that almost blurs the lines of reality and imagination. I long to be a person like you, but alas…There is a wall of separation between us.

Deja vu much?

Muse: I know. I said that last year, and it’s still something that I long for. When you find your wife, you will find me. The REAL me.

Muse: Like last year, I will ask again. What do you want to do on your birthday?  Well, after work, of course…

I just want to have a nice dinner with my family. A nice dinner with some cake and ice cream. Before that, I’ll be working from home.  Later on, I’ll leave my office for the day.

Muse: As you wish. It’s your day, so I won’t sway any of your decisions.

Good. I’m sure that you won’t be swayed by this…

*gives Muse a kiss on the lips*

Muse: Hey. I was just about to kiss you! My turn!

*Muse gives me a big kiss*

That was really good. There’s plenty more where that came from later.

Muse: Not too later. I want to be back by midnight.  I don’t want to spoil my beauty rest…

Oh yeah. That’s right. Well, I better enjoy my time with you while it lasts…

Muse: I’ll enjoy my time with you as well. Anyway, I’ll let you get ready. Happy 36th Birthday, Kyle!

*Muse gives me another kiss and vanishes back into my head*

Isn’t she amazing? I love her immensely and I hope to meet her true identity some day…

From that exchange, it looks like my Muse already gave me her gift, and I shared it with her. I will also eat all of that cake with her and my brother. Man, am I going to feel that in the morning.

For today, I will be working and enjoying my birthday early in the day.  After that, I will have a nice dinner with my brother, parents, and grandma at Real Seafood in Bay City tonight. After that, we will come home for cake and ice cream. Today’s high is going to be 87. It’s supposed to be sunny, so that will be nice. The silver lining today is pretty obvious. It is my birthday and my brother and I will be enjoying it.

To all of you who love birthdays like I do, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Happy 36th birthday, Kyle! I hope that yours is a really good one…