Me & My Muse – Day 2558: Seven Years and Counting

Well, I told her and she’s on her way.  My Muse is on her way to the Tower of Muses for a special “surprise”.  I didn’t tell her what the “surprise” is, but she’s really excited about it.  All I told her was that a “surprise” was waiting for her on the top floor of the Tower of Muses…


The surprise, you ask?  As a Me & My Muse anniversary gift, I have decided to provide her with her own body.  Laying on the bed is a Muse that is ready to come to life.  All she needs to do is go inside it.


Muse (Day 2201):  Is she here yet?  Come on, Kyle!  Let me know!  In the meantime, I’m going to check my social media…


Muse (Day 2312):  *eats yogurt* When is she going to come?  I have a castle to return to…


Original Muse (Day 2401): If she doesn’t hurry, today’s forecast is going to be a 100% chance of rain!


Everyone.  Relax.  She’s on her way.  Until she arrives, you all have to hide.


*a flood of “okay’s” are heard in the room*


While my Muse is on her way, I might as well tell everyone my plans for today.  I will be having a dentist appointment, working, and then relaxing afterward.  It won’t be so bad having just come back from a vacation and with another weekend starting tomorrow after work…


Shh!  Everyone in your places!  She’s on her way…


*dims light in room, until it turns off*


Muse:  What’s going on?  What is the meaning of this?  Why is everything so dark in here?  Kyle?




Muse:  Oh wow!  There’s a bunch of Muses in here!  One from every past day, I’m guessing.


And…Did you look on the bed yet?


Muse:  What is this?  A Muse that is laying lifeless on the bed?


Guess.  What do you think it is?


Muse:  Wait!  Isn’t it another body?  You gave me one last year!


Happy anniversary.  It’s another body!  You can never have enough bodies.  What if something happens to the one you are in?  That body will not come to life unless you give it life.  It is yours.  Do you want to try it out?


Muse:   Why not?  Well I’m trying out my body right now!


*Ghost Muse flies out of Muse and into lifeless Muse, which begins to flash*


Original Muse:  It…It feels…A little different.  This is a good gift!  What if something happens to the one that you gave me last year?  With this one, I can be prepared.  Thank you, Kyle!


*Original Muse gives me a big hug with her new body*


I have another thing planned.  All the other Muses, enjoy the show!


Original Muse:  Show?  Oh yeah…(The spare body was a big surprise, but I knew about the show…)


Are you ready?


Original Muse:  I was born ready. Time to get into costume…


Then let’s get started.  Muses, take your places.  Here we go…


This is a tribute to every entry that has been done in the past year.  I wrote this just for you.  I hope you’re ready, because here it goes…


He was hitting the DEC at…home and he got a brain freeze, which is the seventh part by the way!  It was the end of another work week where he was taming the light in two parts.  It was a soothing Sunday, which made way for a relaxing Monday.  And after two speeches, he entered the Tower of Muses again for the twenty-second ascent.

Original Muse:  What’s inside?

You know what!

Original Muse:  I can’t remember!

You can’t?

Original Muse:  I’m trapped.

You’re trapped?

Original Muse:  In this endless tribute.

But we’re almost done!

Original Muse:  No!  One fiftieth done!

Yup.  That’s right now.

Original Muse:  Right now?

Interrupting me again?

Original Muse:  Yup yup yup!

Stop stop stop!

Original Muse: No no no!

What did I tell you?  I need to finish!

Original Muse:  But you’ll never end!

Yes I will!

Original Muse:  Whatever!

Don’t believe me?

Original Muse: I don’t believe you!


Original Muse:  But I’m telling the truth!

No you’re not!

Original Muse:  Yes I am!

No you’re not!

Original Muse:  Yes I am!

Just drop it!

Original Muse:  You drop it!

Shut your trap!

Original Muse:  Shut yours!

Can I finish?

Original Muse:  No you can’t!

Are you done?

Original Muse:  I just got started!

Well, I’m not finished!

Original Muse:  Says who?

Says me!

Original Muse:  Yeah right!

Now we’re finished!

Original Muse: Awesome! That was great! Just like we rehearsed! Only I have this awesome new spare body that you gave me and like last year, I don’t have to worry about being a ghost anymore! Time to switch into my next costume! I’ll be right back…

And now everyone…the metamorphosis! Everyone, brace yourself for an adolescent Muse!

Original Muse: More like tween.  Am I right?

Right on!  Now are you ready?

Original Muse:  Just a sec.  Had to post another Instagram…Yup! I’m totes ready.  Are we ready, Kyle?

Ready as I’ll ever be! Get ready for part two because here it comes…

He was inbeTWEEN homecoming as he made some more Marios preparing for a Sunday recharge.  He made a quickie post far from home with another meeting getting DECed out in Kentwood at the end of the line.  As he looked around, it was official.  The Twins Day Festival is coming up…

Original Muse:  Twins Day Festival?  I loved that time!

Twin Muse:  So did I! Wasn’t that fun?

Where did you come from?

Twin Muse:  Oh!  Didn’t you know?  I’m part of this scene!

Original Muse:  Yah…She so totally is.  Come on Kyle.  Look at the script.  Get woke…

*glances at script*

Oh wow!  You are so right!  Moving on…

It was a brief Sunday update with three days and free Tim Horton’s.  And with this brown haircut, he got the Twin-Con edition.  There was a pre Twin-Con checklist before he was twinning it up in Twinsburg.  And with the Twins Days Festival, there was a main event, the aftermath, and finally, the recap: for REALZ this time!  And after these events, he had a tired Toastmasters Tuesday.

Original Muse: That was so much fun!

Twin Muse:  I know!  I enjoyed spending time with my pint-sized twinnie!

Original Muse:  Who are you calling pint-sized, sis?  You’re pretty petite yourself!

Okay.  It was fun and you’re both a little short for your age.  Next!

“Not Today” he said before getting a smarter phone.  And it’s Friday where he was hitting the DEC in East Lansing.  And after birthday eve, he was wished a Happy Birthday.  And after the birthday aftermath, it was birthday dinner: Part II.  And then it was a new arrival with my first niece, followed by some weekend fanfare.

Original Muse:  Your niece is cute!  And I love the weekends!

So do I!  Phew! *drinks a glass of water* Ahem…

A SaturNESday birthday weekend was followed by some SunNESday goodNES.  The Lion King 1994 encore resulted in the last toast of the month.  Be prepared to have breakfast for dinner.  Because it’s time for the weekend.  There was a slight change of plans in the last week of summer as he finished his four miles.

Original Muse: Four miles?  That’s quite a workout!

It is!  Moving on…

It was a chill Tuesday and a productive Wednesday.  He was almost there before he said “Hello Weekend”.  After Mario Making time, it was time for Mario making and Fuji fun.  After a happy Labor Day, it was a double toast Tuesday followed by some Maru Sushi afterhours with 100 business cards to boot.

Original Muse: 100 business cards?  That’s totally 100!  Hundo p!

It totally is.

Original Muse:  You know it!

Time for the second half…

And the weekend is back, with plenty of writing and leisure.  That was Sunday in a nutshell with a mouthful of kimchi.  He had another helping of toast and pie before a day that I still never forget.  And after the sweet smell of sweat, it was friggatriskaideka…wha?  After doing Saturday the write way, the short update is short.

*sips a glass of water* Next page…

There was a brief summary of today, followed by a September toast, the open house edition.  He was all DECed up and it was time for a break.  He had some Friday Fuji fun before the Summer Outro.  The Muse meets the Maker.  After that, it was time for school daze.  And after a super chill Tuesday, it was life group time.

Original Muse: Life groups?  I don’t know what that is.  I prefer my fam…

To each their own.  I have my life group and you have your fam. Moving on…

It was time to open up and say AHHHHHHHH!!!!!  After that, he went to YAN before a writing weekend and a Post Done Quick X.  It was farewell September and Hello October.  And after the Wednesday whirlwind, there was a workout record.  A singles event resulted in a chill Saturday.

Original Muse: Saturdays are totally chill.  I’m so glad that it’s almost the weekend.

So am I! On to the next ten…

After brews, bible and booming voices, there was a toast to Monday.  He had another slice of pie and there was a change of plans as he drank his fresh cider.  After a MercyMe Concert, he went through the wringer.  He was taking the weekend back, with more sushi and a mid-month toast.

Original Muse: Sushi is okay.  I like the ones that have all the barbeque sauce and everything on it.

Those ones are good, aren’t they? Moving on…

He had Disney planning and a life group, followed by an itinerary and Survivor catch-up.  He reviewed his pre-Disney trip checklist before Disney Eve.  After that, it was off to the most magical place on earth, making stops at Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and More Magic.  And to top things off, he entered the Tower of Muses for the twenty-third ascent.

Original Muse: Disney was so much fun!  That was amazing!

Twin Muse:  And we both got to be princesses!

Original Muse:  I know!  Wasn’t that cool, sis?

You kind of are right now.  Okay Elsa and Anna! Let’s continue, shall we?

Original Muse: That’s right!  We’re doing the seven-year anniversary, right?  Only 258 more! We still have a whole lot to do.  Let’s get going…

I know. Are you ready?

Original Muse: I totes am!  That princess outfit was just a warmup.  Just wait until you see this!

And now everyone…The next metamorphosis! Everyone, get ready for a legendary princess! It looks like she’s ready…

Original Muse: All changed!  I’m ready to go now.  Are you ready, hero?

Absolutely. Brace yourself for part three of this epic homage to the entries of yesterday…

Original Muse:  I am beyond words.  Let’s proceed!

It was the Legend of Muse and when he left the most magical place on Earth, it was the end of the magic.  And after a costume party, it was work sweet work.  There was candy galore with an early Survivor catchup.  Trick or Treat was the question.  On fumes was the answer.  He was falling back into a Walt Disney World recap before he began his November rotation.

Original Muse: That was a wonderful recap.  I loved how I became Tinkerbell at one point…

Yes.  I loved that.  It was good, wasn’t it?  Moving onward…

He made a November toast and a yogurt run before catchup Thursday.  It was the weekend at last with a Saturday solace and a clean room.  November snow made it a CHILL Tuesday, following by a DEC Meeting and a Survivor marathon.

Original Muse:  That much Survivor to catch up on?

Yes.  I was a little behind.  Let’s move on…

It was Friday at last with a satisfying Saturday, a Super Sunday, a Toastmasters Monday, and a Toastmasters Tuesday.  And after more Toastmasters, it was time to Let it go, let it go…YAN Friendsgiving was fun, followed by day six before the vacation begins.


Original Muse: I find vacations to be rather pleasant.  Would you like to partake in one?

No.  We need to finish this tribute.  Let’s continue…

There was gifts galore with a clean bed and gifts galore.  After Thanksgiving eve, it was a happy Thanksgiving.  He shopped till he droped before a Star Wars Marathon with Christmas music.  He then clicked till he dropped before he sang O Christmas Tree as he did his Christmas shopping.

Original Muse: *sips hot chocolate* Got my Christmas shopping done.  You really need to finish yours.

Haven’t even started.  We’re still in July, and I don’t celebrate Christmas in July. *sips water* Time for the next ten…

This is all you get, and then it’s Friday again.  He experienced some Christmas memories and The Last Jedi and then continued the Christmas memories for parts II and III.  It was a late toast and then Christmas memories part IV and V before he wrapped up this day with a progressive dinner.

Original Muse: Progressive dinners are splendid!  We had one in Hyrule Castle Town once…

That was fun, but a sad ending to YAN.  Moving on…

He saw a vanishing weekend and a Christmas countdown.  He made a Christmas toast since the Island of the Idols ends tonight.  The Rise of Skywalker Begins Tonight, followed by a Jedi hangover.  After that, he was all about that list seeing the true meaning of Christmas.  “All Aboard!” the conductor shouted before he read the poem Twas the Day Before Christmas.

Original Muse: Christmas is tomorrow!  I hope you were able to get your shopping done.

I did not.  Time for another ten…

“Merry Christmas!” he exclaimed before the Christmas aftermath.  It was time for Link’s Awakening and a second trip.  He was reflecting on the year and closing up the year.  He then shouted “Happy New Year!” as he started off rested.  He got cable and internet before he was doing clubbin’ and more moving.

Original Muse: That was to your new place.  Right?

That is correct.  Only 30 more for this set…

He was back home already with a Christmas break finale.  It was back to work with the first toast of the year.  After a January DEC meeting, he made a TLI shopping trip.  He then had an end of week winddown with an awesome entry done quick.  And after another quick one, he made the realization: Office Space was wrong – Mondays ROCK!

That’s it!

Original Muse: Mondays rock?  What’s wrong with you?  Mondays are horrible!

It’s all a matter of perspective.  Are you half empty or half full?  We’re almost done…

After managing change, now we’re cooking!  And after a dentist visit and Big E’s, the weekend is here!  There was a snow day before moving Sunday.  A chill Monday made for a cold contest toast.  And after getting through Wednesday on fumes, he exclaimed “Welcome Brother!”

Original Muse: I’m glad he was able to make the move as well!  It’s time to wrap up this set!

I’ll say!  Just 10 more and we will be done!

After a Friday finale, he experienced some Saturday solitude.  He then saw a city, an invention, an airplane, a fish, a borrower, a castle, a bathhouse, and the fourth part of Super Bowl Large before entering the Tower of Muses for the twenty-fourth ascent.

Original Muse: Wonderful!  Set complete!  Can I go change now?

By all means!  Go and change!  Are you ready?

Original Muse: Yeah!  You may experience a change in weather but I’m ready.  I’m going to change now!

Okay.  Let me know when you’re done!

Original Muse:  I certainly will!

And now everyone…The next form! Everyone, get ready for a Muse that can control the weather…

Original Muse: All ready. And I’m in such a good mood!

And because you are, it’s sunny outside.  Have you noticed?

Original Muse:  Yes.  It’s clearly obvious that I can control the weather.  Now are you ready?

Yes.  I’m ready.  Brace yourself for part four of this epic homage to the entries of yesterday…

He had a weather Muse reporting before a February toast that gave him the fresh flavor of Wednesday.  The real relief of Thursday led to a FriNESday road trip, with plenty of Saturday goodNES.  After he was back in town, he had a snowy start to the week.  Dinner is served with a meeting tonight.

Original Muse: Was it a Toastmasters DEC meeting?  I love Toastmasters!

It was.  And I love the sun outside. Moving on to the next ten…

He had a creamy garlic chicken before a happy Hallmark day.  He was singled out and taxed to the limit.  After that he gotta go fast with the second to last club visit with another slice of toast.  And after stuffed cabbage at home, it was weekend end and hello weekend before the weekend obstacle.

Original Muse: I hate obstacles!  They really get on my nerves!

And I hate thunder and lightning!  Please calm down, as your mood does affect the weather. Time to move on. We still have 137…

Frost Fatales start today with an easy Monday and Mardi Gras, followed by a Fat Tuesday hangover.  In nearing the end, it’s here, once again. “Happy Leap Day!” he shouted, as he leapt to a March respite.  And another week begins with a March toast.

Original Muse: Toastmasters, right?  I miss Toastmasters!  Why can’t there be a meeting now?

No…You are making it rain now.  Besides Toastmasters, we can talk about that later.  Shall we continue now?

It was the middle of the road before he was almost there.  Friday is here with plenty of Saturday fun.  He was springing ahead and was TIRE’d.  “It’s-a me, MAR10!” the plucky plumber exclaimed right before he shouted “Happy Birthday, dad!”  There was another catchup day, before friggatriskaideka…wha?

Original Muse:  Another Friday the 13th?

Correct. 118 more and we’ll be finished.  Let’s continue…

It was as easy as Pi with a safe Sunday to follow.  “Le vent se leve, il faut tenter de vivre!” he declared before it became his lucky day.  The 79 days of COVID-19 isolation continued with more gaming and light in every circumstance.  And with a wand, a sword, and a key, he wanted to stay connected with a new way to do church.  He then paid his April rent and more groceries to usher in the weekend.

*Muse flashes*

Original Muse:  We’re on the COVID posts now.  I can’t continue controlling the weather during this time.

I know.  It happened rather unexpectedly, didn’t it?

Original Muse:  I have my mask on.  Are you wearing your mask?  Kyle…

I’m inside and wearing one is not necessary just as long as you’re social distancing six feet apart.  Time to move on.

There was more Yoshi’s Island gaming in the middle of another week.  And as he was nearing the end of another week, it’s on, like Donkey Kong.  There was more monkey business, with silence and motion as the weather got breezy.  Me & My Muse had it’s season finale before it was the middle of the week again.  As the week neared it’s end, he had two options: shuffle or boogie.

Original Muse:  I choose boogie!  I love boogieing!  Let’s boogie!

We can boogie later, okay?  Let’s keep going…

The city was under her control and after that the SeeD’s were jailed.  The stage is set, with Fisherman’s Horizon in the distance.  You need to find your way to mods de Chocobo.  With blue fields on a good Friday, there were eyes on me that exclaimed “Happy Easter!”

Original Muse:  Nice mix!  Love the Final Fantasy VIII theme.

I wanted to do something different with that one.  But thanks.  Time for the next ten…

After one month of the virus, the second month began.  After a mid-week stimulus, the sun is shining.  There was another weekend, which made for a quiet Saturday with a sermon and a concert.  After the busy start to the week, it was time for tomato bisque Tuesday before it being the middle of the week and tidy.

Original Muse:  I love me a tidy room.  The tidier the better!

I know.  Tidy rooms make me happy.  Just 78 more and we’re done!

He was approaching the light before another weekend arrives.  And with the Saturday solace, it resulted in a Sunny Sunday.  Week seven resulted in more groceries, more Survivor, and cabin fever.  And after a lunch walk and chicken dinner, there was more pizza.

Original Muse: What toppings?  I heard you say pizza.

Pepperoni, sausage, and jalapenos.  We can get one later.  Let’s move on, okay?

After a Sunday stroll, May the fourth be with you.  He celebrated Cinco De Mayo with a side of virtual toast.  He had chicken pasta with more Survivor.  He celebrated the National Day of Prayer, and then it was back to Friday, where he made a Saturday scramble.  “Happy Mother’s Day!” he shouted to his mother before the ninth week begins.  He then entered the Tower of Muses for the twenty-fifth ascent.

Original Muse: Nice!  We have another set all finished!  It’s time for me to go and change now!

What are you going to change into?  Remember: we’re still on the COVID posts.  Wouldn’t the story arc still be paused?

Original Muse: You’re right!  I wouldn’t change into anything!  I’m so used to the protocol of changing between series…

And now everyone…No new forms for the time being.  Because of the pandemic, this was delayed a little bit.  Bear with us, okay?

Original Muse: Yes.  Bear with us.  The change doesn’t happen until partway into the set.  It’s kind of weird.  I know…Are you ready, Kyle?

Yes.  I’m ready.  Brace yourself for part five of this epic homage to the entries of yesterday…

After a Survivor finale, his job was two year already?  He had a mid month break with more sun and more fun.  After the leftover pizza, there was a Monday monsoon.  He a break from the rain and shed a tear as he said “Farewell Sanford…”  The healing begins before the weekend begins.

Original Muse: A lot of healing was needed.  And it still is needed.

I know. We still have 48…

You need to love your neighbor because helping feels good.  After Memorial Day, the weather was heating up, with more heat before winding down.  It was finally Friday, with a chill weekend and a chill end to the month.  After that, he started June tired.

Original Muse: Late night?  It happens…

It certainly does.  Let’s continue on with this final set…

We are Sanford Strong, and after a life group, it’s Thursday already?  And now it’s Friday before starting up Saturday.  There was a Sunday short and a hot start.  “Happy 61st birthday, Mom!” he exclaimed, before he was eating more chicken and did some Thursday housekeeping.

Original Muse:  Were you visiting your parents again?

Yes I was.  They had to make an important trip.  Let’s continue…

Original Muse:  Wait!


Original Muse:  I need to go and change back into Weather Muse.

Oh, that’s right!  The next ten has the story arc again, doesn’t it?  Are you…

Original Muse:  Changed?  Yes.  It didn’t take too long.  Ready to have me rule over all weather?

Not so fast.  It ends in one post.  Ready?

There was clearer skies and…

Original Muse:  Stop!  I need to go and change into my next costume!

Everyone.  This was the awkward interruption that we were talking about.  Let me know when you’re ready, okay?

Original Muse:  I will!  I’ll try to be very timely…

Ah.  I see what you did there…

And now everyone…The next form! Everyone, brace yourself for a time traveling Muse…

Original Muse: All ready. Having experienced this tribute numerous times, I should be able to nail it perfectly.

Wait.  How many times did you time travel?

Original Muse:  Just to this particular tribute that we’re doing now, over 100 times…Are you ready Kyle?

Yes.  I’m ready.  Brace yourself for part five of this epic homage to the entries of yesterday…for REALZ this time!

The time traveling Muse arrived and there was an outdoor service.  It was time to visit my kitty before a home meal delivery.  After a volunteer opportunity, he was homeward bound for a fryday.  It was another scorcher, before he exclaimed to his dad “Happy Father’s Day!”

Original Muse:  It was a good Father’s Day.  It gets better every time…

Yes.  For you it does since you get to experience again as many times as you want.  Time to move on.

It was a busy start with coming attractions.  And after a book interview, something tragic happened.  “Grandpa, you will be missed…”, he weeped as he prepared for another weekend and a relaxing Saturday.  After sympathy and family time, he attended grandpa’s funeral.  It was a short week, which made way for fiscal New Year’s Day.

Original Muse:  Fiscal New Year’s Day, huh?  Not much of a holiday.

I know.  I just wanted to acknowledge the new fiscal calendar. Just eight more and we’re done!

He went up north for the Fourth and after Independence Day eve, he exclaimed “Happy Independence Day!” and “Greetings from Hubbard Lake!” for three parts.  And after returning back home, there was no doubting with Me & My Muse at seven years and counting.

Original Muse: Yay! We did it! As challenging as it was to play Tween Muse, it was a whole lot of fun…The other forms were enjoyable too…

I know. And that performance was amazing. Anyway, that’s the tribute for this year.

Original Muse: I’m still beyond words. I had no idea that I was going to get a spare body. And then, we pulled off that flawless performance. Tween Muse, Hylian Muse, Weather Muse, and Time Muse.  We did have that little hiccup with COVID, but had a very nice workaround.  Changing into all those forms was a lot of fun.

I imagine. There were so many costume changes…

Original Muse: Yeah. It was quite the workout.  Form after form after form after form!  That was hard!

But we pulled it off, and now you have a new spare body. Happy seven-year anniversary!

Original Muse: You know, our relationship goes beyond Me & My Muse. Beyond these 2558 entries.

Indeed it does. I first started to talk about you in a couple of Think & Writes.

Original Muse: Ah. But our relationship goes beyond that even. Actually, a really long time…

It does. When I first felt creativity inside of me, that was you, right?

Original Muse: It was. All the way back when you were in fourth grade. You wrote The Brick Building. Now granted I was there before that, but I was too young to nurture my own ideas. And you heard it from me first. It was back then when I first started to have a crush on you.

26 years? You’ve had a crush on me for 26 years? And to be honest, I think that you were with me before I even started writing.

Original Muse: You’re right. I was there when you made up all those games when you were little. Where did you get the ideas? That was me. Hee hee! But I first started paying more attention to you when I was ten…

I agree. You and I go way back. All the way back to when my imagination first started taking form…

Original Muse: You were just a baby…

But aren’t we all? That’s where imagination starts. But when adulthood happens, a lot of that is lost…

Original Muse: You’re the lucky one. You still have me. And your imagination is never going to die. I’ll be sure of it!

Here’s to seven years of these, right?

Original Muse: To seven years, and many more! You started with something ExperiMENTAL, but look at where we are now!

I know…

*kisses Original Muse on the lips*

I still love the daily format. That is not changing. For shorter or longer, it’s staying the same.

Original Muse: I’m going to enjoy my new spare body. Come to my house when you’re ready…

You want me to pin you to the floor with a bunch of kisses, right?

Original Muse: *gives me a kiss on the lips* Yeah. *chuckles* See you around…

So there you have it. Seven years of this experiment. An experiment where I said that if it doesn’t work, you will never see one of these again. 2557 of them later, I believe that they’re here to stay. This is an experiment that I have no regrets in starting at all. But before I continue, some ground rules.

In very much the same fashion as last year, I’m retiring rant posts forever. If there is ever any reason why I should be angry, it should not be expressed here. I want this blog to be a resource to everyone, and full of positive posts. If I am ever having a rough day, I will let you know, but I won’t express my negative feelings on this site anymore. None of you want to read that and I feel like it doesn’t do anything constructive. If it must go somewhere, it should be in a private journal, where the only reader is me, and not all of you.

My Muse is here to stay. If for some reason you still don’t like my Muse, there are plenty of other websites to go to, besides this one. My Muse is an expression of my inner longing for a significant other and my seamstress of creativity.

The high for today is going to be 95 degrees and the silver lining is celebrating seven years of this experiment.

To all who had the patience to read this, I congratulate you.

Now if you would excuse me.  I need to go and talk to my Muse…in private…