Me & My Muse – Day 2531B: It’s About Time

I looked around and rubbed my eyes.  This was an interesting time to return to the stories that accompany this day to day project.  The stories that add another dimension to my Muse’s character.

My Muse was still asleep, as sleep was necessary for her to experience her next transformation.  What will she become?  What will she turn into next?

Then I saw it.  My Muse began her transformation once again.  Her signature flash cycled through numerous colors in just seconds.  This was her own unique light show that I get to experience every time she transforms.  The rapidly flashing colors continued flickering, now producing a streaked blur…

After that, nothing happened.  My Muse did not change form.  But that does not rule out that there was no transformation.  After all, her form was the same when she controlled the weather.  What could she be now?

My Muse looked around and gasped.  She quickly gauged her surroundings and glanced at me.

“What year is this?” she asked me.

I stared at her, dumbfounded.  “What year?  Don’t you know?  It’s 2020.”

A look of panic filled her face.  “Just now…” she began.  “Seconds ago…I was in the year 1986.  I was crying and my mother was holding me…”

“What?!” I gasped.  “So you’re telling me that you can time travel now?”

She gave me a look that started to haunt me.  “Kyle, I don’t know why you can’t remember, but I’ve been time traveling for 35, almost 36 years.  It started the moment I was born…”

“When you were born?  So what did you do?  Travel to the future?”

“Yes.  To a year during my college days.  Having a mind of a child, I was totally scared, and spent days trying to time travel back to the days of my infancy.  Eventually, I did.”

I scratched my head.  “So how do I not know this?”

My Muse gave me her lightbulb expression.  “It must be a temporal distortion.  From my transformation, it caused it to happen.  Before then, my time traveling ability never existed.”

“And now, you have had the ability all your life.” I told her.  “What happens if you time travel before you’re born or after you die?”

“Oh,” she told me.  “That’s an easy one!  I become a ghost.  It’s all very frustrating.  I always wake up in a different time period every day.  Just a week ago, I was in the Civil War era…But there’s one time period I don’t like…” she burst into tears.

“What?” I asked her.  “It that time period that bad?”

My Muse continued weeping and gave me a look of resentment.  “Forget I ever said that!  Now if you would excuse me.  I’m really tired…”

And just like that, my Muse fell asleep.  Probably time traveling to a different era.  To either the future or the past.  It doesn’t seem like she can control it.

So this what my Muse is going to be like for the next 100…um, excuse me…69 days?  This is going to be difficult for my Muse.  Especially since I have no memory of her having this ability all her life.  Well, I will try to help her through this, and hopefully figure out that era that is troubling her.  These next 69 days are going to be interesting…