Me & My Muse – Day 2521: Sanford Strong…

With work done for the day, I will now be making a trip over to Sanford to talk to someone that I’m working with about a project that will help rebuild Sanford.

What is this project?  Since after the flood hit, I have been trying to think of ways that I can help the Sanford community.  People have helped with food, water, new furniture, and clothing.  But what can I do?  How can I help the effort?

Then it hit me.  I could write something.  I started to think of the Hubbard Lake books that my parent’s friend Mike Cornelius has written.  In those books, they were filled with stories and pictures detailing Hubbard Lake’s beautiful history.  For Sanford, something similar could be done.  I want to capture the memory of the town.  The old locales that made Sanford what it is today.  The Pere Marquette Railroad and the Sanford Dam that was built in the 1920’s, leading in to the flood that happened in 2020.  I want to compile stories from local businesses and people that have lived in this town for generations.  Through each person, I would like them to tell us the story of Sanford in the way that they know best.  This book would detail the people, businesses, and events that made Sanford the strong town that it is today.  With any profits from this book, I would like to donate all of them to help rebuild Sanford.

In my vision to write a book like this, I found another person on Facebook that wanted to do the same thing as me.  Write a book about Sanford and donate the profits to help rebuild the town.  Since we both shared the same vision, it only made sense for me to help her in the leadership of making this book a reality.  She wanted the title to be “Sanford Strong”, since that has become the motto around here since the cleanup and rebuilding has begun.

I will be visiting with her and we will discuss ideas on how we can put this book together.  A publisher may be expensive, so we may self publish to save on some money.  I am hoping that we can find someone with some publishing experience that can help with those details when we get to that stage in production.

I will keep you all updated on the progress of this book, and how you can help in supporting Sanford’s efforts to rebuild.  Stay tuned as these details continue to unfold.

Today’s high is going to be 85 degrees and the silver lining is being able to meet someone in Sanford to help lead in writing this book.

To those of you who like to help make a difference in a disaster torn community, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  That is wonderful news!  When Sanford Strong is published, I will want a copy!