Me & My Muse – Day 2473: COVID-19 Isolation – Day 32: Mid-week Stimulus…

For everyone who’s still sitting around in the comfort of their home, there is a little bit of good news.  The stimulus checks are on their way.  I just got mine as a direct deposit.  If you haven’t gotten yours yet, it should be on its way soon.  I think that anyone who set up their tax refund as a direct deposit will get their check earlier than those who just want a paper check.

And wait.  The news gets better.  Very soon, The country is going to be open for business again.  From what I heard last night, this will start with the healthier states.  Basically, it will be up to the governors to decide when they want their state to reopen.  For a state like Wyoming, it will probably reopen immediately.  But for a state like ours, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or especially New York, it might take longer to reopen.  It all depends on what Whitler decides.  And with over 350,000 Michiganders all angry at her (myself included) complete with a lawsuit, I am hoping that she will reopen Michigan quickly and safely.

So everyone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Be patient.  For patience is a virtue.  Quarantine life won’t be forever so take heart.  There is hope.  And to all who hang onto it, there is a great reward.

Stay sane, clean, and safe everyone!

Today’s high is going to be 38 degrees and the silver lining is the week already being halfway over.

To those of you who like having a little boost and some encouraging news, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  They’re going to reopen?  I hope they do soon.  I just joined that group.  They’re going to reopen Michigan by May.  I and everyone else on the group will make our voice heard and see to it!

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