Me & My Muse – Day 2413: Singled Out and Taxed to the Limit…

I will have to admit. Last night was pretty fun. At Genji, me and my Muse each ordered two orders of sushi. Of course, I got my usual, which was the Cupid Roll. My other one was the Hot Jamaican Roll. My Muse also got a Cupid Roll with a Spicy Tuna Roll.

Along with the Sushi, we each got a dinner. Sparing no expense, I went all out. I got the Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail. She, of course, got the same thing. The chef was pretty funny and quite enjoyable to listen to. He made jokes about my Muse, which she found ridiculous.

After the dinner, I went to Meijer and got her a card and the biggest box of chocolate that I could find. Sure, it cost me $20, but she was worth it. When I was done shopping, she took care of hers. We then went home.

At home, we signed our cards and exchanged them. I opened hers and she opened mine. I then got out the big heart-shaped box of chocolates. She, of course, had to outdo me with an even BIGGER box, with a bouquet of roses.

After that, we went to the bedroom, and we…kissed. That’s all we did. The clothes remained on, as I vow to remain pure through my wedding day. This includes fictional women.

Last night was fun. Yes, it was a date. But a purely fictional one. If anything, a simulation of what I can expect in the future. Getting to reality, I am single, and fortunately there is a day to celebrate that. That day is today. And to all you couples out there, you’re not invited. For Single’s Awareness Day, it’s SINGLES only. Not couples. Your day was yesterday. Sorry.

Muse: Last night was fun, even though it was purely fictional.

It was quite enjoyable. At least I wasn’t alone.

Muse: And neither was I. Besides. I’m getting you ready for the real thing. When “she” comes along, won’t you want to be ready?

Indeed I would. There is no substitute for the real thing, except for you, of course.

Muse: And I’m the perfect substitute. One that is deeply in love with you.

But I am still single, since Intangibles don’t count. Happy Single’s Awareness Day…

Muse: Technically, they don’t. I know. Technically, I too am single, since I don’t have another Intangible to be with…But wasn’t last night fun? We should go on more dates…

Maybe another time. But today, I need to get ready. I need to get to work…

Muse: I’ll let you do that. Get ready, then!

I will. But I need to end this, first.

Muse: I’ll let you. Time for a shower!

Here’s today in a nutshell. Today, I have the whole day off.  I will probably do some cleaning when I get ready. After that, I will want to try to work on my taxes.  Considering how much I made last year, I will probably be owing for the first time.  Anyway, time to get ready.

Today’s high is going be be 30 degrees and the silver lining is enjoying the gift of singleness.

To those of you who are still single like me, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.

Muse: Have fun at the event tonight!  Time for a shower…

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