Me & My Muse – Day 2361: Merry Christmas!

Once again, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  This is, without a doubt, my most favorite holiday.  Christmas morning.  Now it may be early, but I’m up and ready to open my presents.  My parents may still be sleeping, but I’m excited.  If it’s any part of me that has never grown up, it’s the part of me that acts four on Christmas morning.

Muse:  For me, that just happened.  I am so excited!  Tee hee!

Twin Muse:  So am I!  Tee hee!

But for Christmas, how excited are you two?

Muse:  I’m very excited.  Tee hee!  Part of me wants to squeal with excitement, but I will spare you that since I don’t want to wake up your parents.  I’ll do it quietly instead.  *whispering*  Yaaaay!!!!

Twin Muse:  Oh come on, twinnie!  Everyone should be awake by now!  If you want to squeal with excitement, do it!  I know I’m excited!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

I can see that one part of you hasn’t grown up either.

Muse:  Who EVER grows up on Christmas morning?  When I wake up on this day, I feel like I’m five again.  Adulthood can wait for one day, can’t it?

Twin Muse:  You feel like you’re five?  Come on, sis!  We’re Intangible!  We can change our ages to whatever we want!  Besides, I literally can’t adult today…*Twin Muse regresses to a five-year-old girl*  Yay!  It’s Christmas!  When are we gonna open up all the presents?

Muse:  *sigh*  If you want to be five, be five.  I am not changing my age…

Twin Muse:  Suit yourself!  *Twin Muse runs in a circle and squeals with excitement*  It’s Christmas!  It’s Christmas!  It’s Christmas!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

As I was saying.  Adulthood can wait.  And I see that you’re cozy with your footie pajamas…

Muse:  I am, and I’m not taking them off.  They feel comfortable and they keep me warm.  You’ve worn them before so you should know, right?

Twin Muse:  I’m in mine, too!  They’re my Frozen footed jammies!  They’re my FAVORITE!

Right.  Getting back to what you said.  Adulthood can wait on Christmas.  Whatever memories I have had when I was younger, they all return on this day.  Now this may differ for some people.  But for most, they can feel some aspect of their childhood calling back…

Muse:  Yes.  And some people fight it and repress it.  They try to hide it, but this is unhealthy.  Everyone.  If you feel excited on this day, don’t hesitate to let it out.  Listen to your memories and set them free.  Remember your youth, and how fun Christmas was for you.  Your memories only want to remind you of this.  Listen to them and recapture the moment.  Take a step back in time.  Christmas only comes once a year!  Tee hee!

Twin Muse:  Or, if you can, change your age back to five!  It’s so much fun!  I can remember everything from kindergarten!

Muse:  Um, sis?  Tangible humans cannot change their ages.  They can only age one second at a time, but can never age in reverse.

Twin Muse:  They’re no fun!  They should learn to do this!  Now when can we open presents?  I wanna open presents!!!!

Muse:  They can’t learn it!  They are not Intangibles!  We are!  Now stop being silly and turn back to your adult age.

Twin Muse:  No!  It’s Christmas so I don’t have to be a grown-up!

Girls!  Let’s get back on track.  I totally agree with letting your childhood run free on this day.  But remember.  There is another side of Christmas.  A side that some people don’t pay attention to.  Christmas is not about presents and Santa Claus.  It’s about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Muse:  Yes.  I also look at the Advent Season when I celebrate this time of year.  We need to know why we give these gifts.

Twin Muse:  I like the story that mommy used to tell us about baby Jesus…

Muse:  Yes.  it’s a great story, isn’t it?

It is.  And we do need to know why we give these gifts.  What can we give to God what he doesn’t already have?  All we can give to him is ourselves.  And while we can’t give anything else to him, we give gifts to others to show our love and appreciation for them.

Muse:  I also think of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.  It’s the only special where we hear the true meaning of Christmas.

Twin Muse:  Can we watch that?  I wanna watch Charlie Brown Christmas!

Maybe we can watch that later, okay?  And Yes.  We do hear the true meaning of Christmas.  Linus quotes the Christmas story found in Luke.  Matthew refers to the Wise Men delivering gifts to the baby Jesus.

Muse:  What were these gifts for, anyway?  I understand the symbolic meaning behind them.  I believe they were used to pay for the trip to Egypt.

It probably was, for they had to flee from Herod, since he issued orders to kill every firstborn male baby.  Jesus is the reason for the season.  He was born to be the perfect sacrifice.  To bear the sins of humanity so that we may live.

Muse:  It must have been a heavy burden to bear all that.

It was.  Today is indeed a joyful day.

Muse:  Should we make him a birthday cake?  I don’t know what frosting he would like!

Twin Muse:  Maybe we should ask Jesus what frosting he wants?  Let’s ask him!

I think he would be happy with any frosting.

Anyway, I want to wish everyone who is reading this Merry Christmas.  Whether you celebrate one side, both, or don’t celebrate Christmas at all, understand that this is a very special day.  Most importantly because Jesus was born on this day, both for you and for me.  And from this day, many traditions have developed.  The most popular one being the exchange of gifts.

The high today is going to be 47 degrees and the silver lining is celebrating the birth of Christ and the opening of presents.  My parents are still not up.  But when they are, it’s present opening time!

To all of you who celebrate Christmas, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.

Muse:  Merry Christmas, Kyle!  My company just arrived so I’ll see you later!  Tee hee…

Twin Muse:  And I’m gonna open my presents!  Yay!

Muse:  *sigh*

Twin Muse:  C’mon sis!  I see it…That look…You really don’t want to be an adult today, do you?

Muse: *sigh*  Urghhh…I can’t…I can’t adult…today…

*Muse regresses to a five-year-old girl*

Muse:  Just for today, sis.  I’m gonna open all my presents!!!!

Twin Muse:  I’m gonna open mine FIRST!

Muse:  No you won’t!  I’m opening mine first!

*both Muse and Twin Muse teleport in a beam of light and run into the living room*

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