Me & My Muse Go To the Movies #10: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Part II

Okay.  It’s been about four days since we saw the movie.  Are we going to talk about it, or what?


Muse:  Yes.  I’m ready.

You slept in quite a bit today, didn’t you?  Until 1:00 in the afternoon if I can recall correctly…

Muse:  There’s a reason for that.  For the past few nights, I kept having these nightmares about Palpatine.  I was Rey, and he wanted me to kill him…Since I refused, he zapped me with an enormous current of force iighning…

*sigh*  Is that the only reason?

Muse:  Yes.  I know…It’s pretty dumb, isn’t it?  I have these dreams a lot in some of the mystery books that I read…

Well anyway, let’s get to the movie.

Image result for the rise of skywalker logo"

Let’s begin with first impressions.  What did you think of the beginning?  There was a scene where Kylo Ren was on a planet, looking for something important.  He slaughtered some innocent colonists just to get what he was looking for.

Muse:  I loved the beginning.  The title crawl was awesome.  The events picked up a little later.  Maybe a few months after The Last Jedi…

After that, Kylo gets the treasure.  He opens it up and it’s some kind of device.  He uses it to go to another planet in outer space…

Muse:  Yeah.  I saw that.  He then takes a lift down to what looked like some kind of temple.  And in that temple was…oh my gosh!

Yes.  Palpatine is back, and Kylo Ren is ready to kill him, as he wants all opposition that stands in his way to be killed.

Muse:  Yeah.  But then Palpatine offered Kylo Ren everything.  A new empire and a powerful new fleet of ships.

Indeed.  Palpatine was after Rey.  With Rey being the very last Jedi, Palpatine wants Kylo Ren to do what his grandfather could never do…Put an end to the Jedi order.

Muse:  And didn’t we get a scene on the Millennium Falcon after that?  Chewy was owning everyone in dejarik, as usual…

Yeah. Even if he cheats, it’s best to let him win.  C-3PO said it best in Episode IV:  “Let the Wookiee Win.”

Muse:  After that, they get a message from a resistance informant.  Then they entered a fight with some TIE fighters.  And…oh my gosh!  Poe actually lightspace skipped with the Millennium Falcon!

He did, but it greatly damaged the ship.  Getting to the rest of the movie, the pacing was good, and with the way that movie ended, I’m curious about how the series will continue, with the Skywalker Saga all finished.  What future adventures will await Rey in the future movies to come?

Muse:  Who knows?  With 42 years put into the Skywalker Saga, I liked how they wrapped it up.

So did I  Now the ending,  I really loved the ending.  Rey…

Muse:  Shhh!  Don’t mention the ending!  That was totally epic but a lot of people still haven’t seen it…

Very well.  This will be mostly spoiler-free.  But be fairly warned.  In my review for this movie, there will be spoilers.  Lots of them.  So much so that the review will be prefaced with a spoiler warning.

Muse:  That’s fine.  With having an informal discussion about the movie, I want to make sure that we don’t spoil it for everyone…But yeah.  The ending is really really good.

Overall, I give the movie a 5 out of 5.  It is on par with The Force Awakens and it’s very epic and action-packed.  It was a really good sequel that wrapped up the Skywalker Saga with Rey, the Resistance, and the First Order…I mean, Final Order…

Muse:  5, huh?  That’s a little bit generous.  I give it a 4.5 out of 5.  For it to earn that extra half star, it really has to grow on me.  The ending seemed rushed, trying to close all the plot arcs from a story 42 years in the making.  And over time, it will grow on me.  I know that it will…

Thanks for your comments on the movie.  With that, I will definitely have to see it again.

Muse:  See it again!  I know that I will!  So you’re seeing it again?  I think that I’m going to…And my Rey dress needs to be washed.  It’s stained with popcorn seasoning from nearly a week ago.  See you tomorrow…

I’ll let you do that.

That’s it for the discussion.  Stay tuned for the review!

Until then, I’ll see you shortly for the review!

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