Me & My Muse – Day 2327: Let it go, let it go…

I am one with the wind and sky
Let it go, let it go
You’ll never see me cry
Here I stand and here I stay
Let the storm rage on

Muse:  The cold never bothered me anyway!  Eee!  I’m very excited to see Frozen II tonight!  Are you!

Yes!  Very excited!

Besides the amazingly musical introduction: Yes.  With work done for the day and last night’s episode of Survivor all caught up, it’s official.  Me and my brother are going to see Frozen II.

Muse:  And I’m even dressed for tonight!  Don’t I look amazing in my Elsa dress?

You do.  And that blond ponytail looks spot on.

Twin Muse:  Hey!  What about me?  You’re forgetting someone really IMPORTANT!

Oh wow!  Did the Creator grant you another favor?  You look and sound like Anna!

Twin Muse:  He did.  And I’m going to see Frozen II with my favorite sister!

Muse:  Don’t you mean your only sister?

Twin Muse:  Well yeah!  Of course!  Before we see the movie tonight, do you want to build a snowman?

Muse:  *sigh*  We already have Olaf!  Not to mention Marshmallow and all those snowgies I sneezed up when I was sick.  How many other snowmen do we really need?

Twin Muse:  You’re right.  It was worth asking…

Muse (smiling):  Was it really?

*Muse uses her magic to make it snow*

Muse:  Here.  We’ll build a snowman, but not a living one this time.  Okay?

Twin Muse:  Yay!  I’m was thinking a little more plump one this time.  What do you think, twinnie?

Muse:  Whatever you want, sis.  It’s your snowman.

Twin Muse:  Excuse me?  It’s our snowman.  We’re building it together!

Muse:  Very well then.  He’s not going to be plump.

Twin Muse:  Not even a little?

Muse:  We can make him mostly skinny.  Just a little plump in the middle.

Twin Muse:  Works for me!  Let’s do this, twinnie!

Muse:  After you, my sis…

While my Muse and Twin Muse work on that snowman, I’m going to wrap up this entry.  Frozen II is tonight, and I’m very excited to see it.  Aren’t you excited, phonie?

Phonie (in Kyle’s voice):  YES INDEED!  VERY VERY EXCITED!  (For crying out loud, I’m a smartphone! Why is he making me talk?)

Twin Muse:  Did I just hear a Kristoff impression?  You’re pretending your phone is like Sven, right?

Um, never mind that you saw that.

Phonie (in Kyle’s voice):  YES YES!  PAY NO ATTENTION TO ME!  (Is he going to keep doing this?)

Twin Muse:  No no!  Keep doing it!  Your Phonie sounds so cute!

I think I’m going to end this entry now.  Frozen II tonight!  Can’t wait!

Today’s high is going to be 46 degrees and the silver lining is seeing Frozen II tonight.

To those of you who like seeing highly anticipated blockbuster movies, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  All finished!  What do you want to name him?

Twin Muse:  Otis!

Muse:  No.

Twin Muse:  Olaf 2?

Muse:  Try again.

Twin Muse:  S’more?  Blanc?  Seymour?

Muse:  No, no, and no.

Twin Muse:  We’ll call him…

Muse & Twin Muse:  Odin!

Phonie (in Kyle’s voice): ODIN!  YES! WE LIKE THAT NAME A LOT!  (That’s it.  I’ve had enough with being embarrassed  Da da da da da da!  Charge…)

*Phonie zaps Kyle with a powerful charge that drains the cellphone battery to 0%*

YEEEEEOW!!!!  Phonie!

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