Me & My Muse – Day 2310: November Rotation

To reflect, today has been quite a busy day back.  After a day of work, I went to the credit union to get some more money out.  After that, I got my tires rotated at Discount Tire Company.

I will now take it easy for the remainder of the day…whoa!

I am now in the Kokiri Forest again!

Navi:  I thought that you would never wake up!  Let’s get going, sleepyhead!

Let’s see.  I already got the first spiritual stone.  But wait!  I think that Saria has something to give to me.  A fairy ocarina perhaps?

Navi:  How do you know that?  It’s like you know everything that’s going to happen!

You know what, you’re right!  It’s almost like an ENTIRE GAME has been made based on these same events!

Navi:  A game?  What games are we talking about?

Nevermind.  Anything that I talk about in-universe would not be understood anyone here.  But you all understand it, do you, audience?

Navi:  Who are you talking to?

People that you can’t see.  Okay.  I’m done breaking the fourth wall.  Let’s go see what Saria wants!

*walks over to Saria*

So, are you going to teach me your song and give me a Fairy Ocarina?

Saria:  I am!  Er…Wait!  How did you know that I was going to do that?

Let’s just say an owl told me…

Saria:  He did?  Okay!  Now, if you ever need to call me, play this song on this ocarina!

Thanks!  I committed the song to memory.  I will, of course, be getting a better ocarina, but this one will have to do for now!

Saria:  Now, is there anything else that you know?

Well, this forest will be overrun with monsters later and you’ll become the Forest Sage…

Saria:  That is enough.  No more.  Nobody should know more than what they should about their own destiny!

Well you asked.  Both I and Navi will be off now.  See you later!

Saria:  Bye Kyle!

*leaves Kokiri Forest and enters Hyrule field*

Time to get more rupees…Huh.  There’s a red one.  Navi.  Don’t you find it strange to find money and hearts in the bushes and grass?

Navi:  It’s not quite as strange if you have heard the stories.  From some old legends, I have heard that some little people like to hide treasures in grass and other places all over Hyrule!

Ah, you’re probably talking about the Pikori, right?  I guess that makes sense now.  Now, we can’t get into the castle because Talon is blocking the way.  Let’s check the inventory.  I have all upgrades so far.  I should be getting some more soon…

Let’s go to the Hyrule Castle path and get the weird egg from Malon.  After it hatches, it will become a cucco that should wake up Talon.

Navi:  Okay.  Why are you side-jumping like that?

Why not?  It’s the fastest way to get around!  There.  We’re at the path to the castle!

*walks through castle town and enters Hyrule Castle path*

There she is!

Malon:  Hi fairy boy!

Hi.  Do you have a weird egg for me?

Malon:  How did you know I have one?  Must be your fairy powers.  Tee hee!  Here.  When that egg hatches, use it to wake Talon up!

Got it.  Thanks for the egg!

Here.  The egg won’t hatch right away.  It would be much easier if we learned the Sun Song.  Let’s go to back to Hyrule Castle Town!  And while we’re here, I can buy a Hylian shield and play all the mini games to get extra heart pieces and equipment upgrades!  Just one second!

*a few mini games later*

There.  We should be good to go!  Let’s go to the graveyard and learn the Sun Song!

*enters graveyard, pushes headstones, falls down hole and learns Sun Song*

Phew!  Almost got attacked by those Redeads!

Now let’s play it!

*plays Sun Song and Weird Egg hatches*

There!  Now we can go and wake up Talon!

*takes Cucco to Talon at Hyrule Castle Path and wakes him up with Cucco*

Talon:  Huh?  Wha?  How long have I been sleepin’?  I need to get back to Lon Lon Ranch!

*Talon jumps up and runs away, towards Lon Lon Ranch*

There.  Now we can push the crates and get to Muse!  But first…

Huh?  I’m awake now!  I guess we’ll cliffhang it there…

Today’s high is going to be 52 degrees and the silver lining is getting my tires rotated.

To those of you who like having a well-maintained car, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I just had another dream!  Kyle is very close.  We should see him any minute!

Impa:  I trust your judgement.  We will wait for him.  I will make preparations in the meantime…

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