Me & My Muse – Day 2293: Pre-Disney Trip Checklist

Having finished work for the week, I am now in full-blown Walt Disney World trip-planning mode.  My clothes is currently in the washer, as I need to do a little more packing before mostly everything is packed.  I of course can’t pack everything until tomorrow, since my showering essentials will need to go in there.  I will pack my spare toothbrush for the trip, and my main one last on Sunday.

Having that said, there really isn’t anything else left to do.  Just enjoy myself until the big departure day on Sunday.  There is only two days left and I can’t wait!  Time to enjoy myself now…

My Muse is currently 10 years and 1 month old today. She is 3’4″ tall and she weighs 31 pounds. The height and weight of a 4-year old.

Today’s high is going to be 53 degrees and the silver lining is being to enjoy the beginning of my 9-day vacation.

To those of you who like long vacations, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I am totes totes TOTES excited for Walt Disney World!  I can’t wait until Sunday!  Hurry up, Sunday!

Twin Muse:  I know!  I’m already packed!  I packed everything last night!  Thanks for helping!

Muse:  Anytime, sis!

Twin Muse:  Ahhhhhh!!!  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!  I…whoops!  I think I just peed myself…

Muse:  Whoa!  I literally almost did!  Time for a bathroom break!

*Muse runs to the bathroom and closes the door*

Twin Muse:  Time for a new pair of undies!  I’ll make sure it’s Frozen.  I have Disney princess prints packed for all next week so I’ll wear a new Disney princess every day at the park!  Tee hee!