Me & My Muse – Day 2200B: 13 Going on 10

I woke up abruptly, anxiously glancing around in fear that I would miss my Muse’s transformation.  But I didn’t.  My Muse was still laying there, peacefully sleeping as a 13-year old Zorpozian.  Or should I say Zoria 1000?  Her identity, I knew, was entirely different when she was a Zorpozian and I didn’t want to mistake her for an Intangible when she’s a Zorpozian woman with my Muse’s memories.

The seconds and minutes passed.  My Muse continued sleeping, sighing contentedly deep in her sleep.  It must be one of those dreams she has right before she transforms.

It then happened, right before my very eyes.  My Muse began to flash, transforming into something different.

The flash intensified and she transformed.  She began to shrink and her age changed.  Her Zorpozian clothes became a pink and white striped peplum top with a chambray flutter skirt.  Her bed transformed into a child-sized bed.

Wow! She’s tiny!  I haven’t had to do this in a while but I’ll have to get her data.  Having just gathered it, she’s…nine and a half years old!  She’s 39.5 inches tall and she weighs 30 pounds.  That’s the height and weight of a four-year-old.

Right after that, my Muse woke up, smacking her lips and smiling.  When she realized that she was awake, she leapt out of bed and began waltzing around, like she was trying to dance.

“Somebody’s happy!”  I said, smiling.  “So how old are you?”

I knew how old she was, but I just wanted to get her reaction.  She ran up to me and lunged forward with a smile.  “I’m nine and a half!  I turn ten in six months!”  She then skipped merrily around the room, before suddenly gasping.  She glanced around on both sides of the bed.  A sudden look of worry filled her face.  “Where is it?”

“Where is what?” I asked her.

“My cellphone!” she shouted.  “I could’ve sworn that I just had it…Oh yeah! I know where it is!  I made it disappear.”  She used her Intangible abilities to make her cellphone appear.  She tapped her fingers on quickly, swiping the screen here and there.  Then she held out her phone and smiled, snapping what looked like the perfect selfie.  Then her little fingers quickly tapped the screen again.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

My Muse looked up from her phone and glanced at me with a grin.  “Posting on Instagram!”

I gasped.  “Instagram? Aren’t you a little young to be on that?”

My Muse managed the brightest smile that she could.  “Nope!  C’mon Kyle!  I’m almost ten!  You sound like my dad!”

I placed my hands firmly on my Muse’s chambray skirt.  “But you’re too young!  And because of your tiny size, you don’t even look like a ten year old.  I would say closer to a four-year-old.  Now let me see that tag.  What size clothes is that top and that skirt?

My Muse tugged the tag out and I looked at it.  My Muse then impatiently put it back in her top.  “4T…” she sighed.  “But who cares?  I’ve always been little!  My mom told me that I could still fit into 12-month-old clothing when I was almost two! At five, I was still wearing 2T clothes! At seven, I was in 3T clothing!”  She continued to finish her post and tapped the post button.  “What?  Every single one of my friends has an Instagram!  It’s not like we’re posting anything naughty…”

My Muse sighed and left the room.

I guess I have a tween on my hands this time.  A very petite one at that.  So this is the form that she’s going to be for the next 100 days?  I’m going to guess that she will be different ages in preadolescence.  This is going to be fun.  Hopefully not too exhausting…

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