Me & My Muse – Day 2186: North for the Fourth

With this short week all finished, I’m now in the final stages of checking all the things that I packed.  Swimming suit?  Check.  Flip flops?  Whoa!  They’re not in there but now they are!  Check!  Sunglasses?  Just grabbed them.  Check! Laptop?  Can’t pack that until last.  But check!

As a departure from all the past years that I have spent the Fourth of July, I will be heading up north for the Fourth.  I am hoping for good weather so that I can see the fireworks.  You can’t have fireworks while it’s raining.

Oh, and the story arc is frozen for this whole weekend so we can relax and take it easy.


Muse:  Yay!  I’m all packed!  Are you?

Just about.  I just need to double check a few more things.

Muse:  I don’t.  I have only done that about 20 times.  Well, let me know when you’re leaving!  I’m heading back to my house to read a book while I’m waiting.  Bye!

*Muse vanishes in a beam of light*

I honestly don’t have too much more to pack.  When everything’s in the car, both my brother and me will be on our way.  We will probably stop at a place in Standish to eat.  There will be traffic delays, so I’ll be ready for that.

Time to land this so I can be on my way.  It’s time that I begin my Fourth of July vacation!

Today’s high is going to be 84 degrees and the silver lining is being able to go up north for the Fourth of July.

To those of you who like road trips and spending time with family, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Is he going to leave yet?  I have already finished two chapters and I’m still waiting!  I think I’ll go and check again…

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