Me & My Muse – Day 2168: Saturday Shower

A shower in two different senses.  Today, it’s going to be rainy.  That is the first shower.

But the more important shower is about to start soon.  That is my sister’s baby shower.  With the event typically consisting of just women, I am just staying home and taking it easy.


I will now wrap this up…


Muse:  I’m going to it.

No you’re not.  As far as I understand, this is still a dream.  I am guessing that Dark Zoria is very powerful by now.

Muse:  This is not a dream, Kyle.  Come to your senses!

Do you want any more proof that this is a dream?  For starters, you are not my Muse.  You are Zoria 50000!

*Muse transforms into Zoria 50000*

Zoria 50000:  Okay.  You got me.  I was pretending to be your Muse the whole time!

And you know what?  Since this is a dream, I can get my one privilege back.  Dark Zoria?

*Dark Zoria appears*

Dark Zoria:  No!  It’s mine!  Tee hee!

Well, too bad.  Because this is my dream and you’re giving it back!

*One Privilege flows out of Dark Zoria and into me*

And now, all the damage that Dark Zoria caused outside this dream is repaired.   Everything is back to normal and Zoria 50000 is rescued from the Zendians.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

Zoria 50000:  Perhaps you should wake up now.

I should.  This dream has been going on for too long…

*wakes up*

Zoria 50000:  Kyle!  I thought you would never wake up!

You’re back!  Safe from the hands of the Zendians.

Zoria 50000: I know.  That was weird!  One moment, I’m in the hands of the Zendians and then I black out!  And then I’m captured by them again and now I’m back at this ship!  I can’t remember anything that happened since the blackout.

I can.  The Dark Muse entered you and began absorbing everyone’s power.  I was in a coma for a very long time and had a long dream where you pretended to be my Muse.  I used the dream to get my One Privilege back.  I made everything back to normal and now you’re safe!

Zoria 50000:  That’s good to hear.  Now let’s continue the voyage back to earth.  You have told me so many good things about it.  I can’t wait to get there!

It is a good place.  Believe me…

Zoria 50000:  Well, I’m going to get ready.  You should get ready too so we can talk.  Talk to you in a bit, Kyle!

*Zoria 50000 leaves room to get a shower*

Well, I’m finally awake in this young teenage body again.  I’m still trying to get over all the hormonal changes.  Did I actually have to deal with this when I was this young?  I can’t remember!

Anyway, in my dream, my sister had a baby shower.  I can’t wait to see what I dream of next!

Today’s high is going to be 68 degrees and the silver lining is enjoying this quiet Saturday to myself.

To those of you who are enjoying this weekend so far, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Zoria 50000:  That was weird.  I can’t remember anything that happened during that blackout.  I wish I could remember.  *sigh*  Anyway, time for that shower!

*Zoria 50000 turns shower to the hottest setting and steps in*