Me & My Muse – Day 1873: Friday Tidal Wave

Well, if you’re reading this, congratulations.  You made it to Friday.  The wonderful gateway to the weekend begins here.  Exhale.  Relax.  You did it.  And as for me, it’s time to enjoy the weekend…


*Muse appears in a bright beam of light*

Muse: Huaaaaaaaaaaahnnn!!!  Tee hee!  I’m awake!

Oh my goodness!  I’m almost blind from looking at you!  You’re so bright…

*Muse flashes brightly*

Muse:  So thirsty…

*more bottles of elixirs appear and Muse drinks them, causing Muse to flash even more brightly*

Muse:  TEE HEE!!!!

Oh no…I’m not letting you ruin another story arc.  This is going to end now.  All your powers are gone.  One Privilege eng…

*Muse flashes and drains all of my powers*

Well, THAT’s great.  It looks like I reached another dead end.

Muse:  And you’re a fishy! Tee hee!

*I get transformed into a red and white striped fish*

Muse:  I can’t swim in this.  I need more water!  Tee hee!

*Muse floods entire planet*

And that will be quite enough from you…

Muse:  What?

Your behavior is beyond intolerable.  How will I contend with you?

Muse:  But I’m having fun being a fishy person!

Drinking a bunch of powerful elixirs and devastating an imaginary realm and a real planet may be fun for you, but it surely isn’t for everyone else involved.  I heard the cry of the planet and your infernal laughter woke me up.  Just tell me, miss.  When are you going to grow up?

Muse:  But…but I’m a bad idea…that came from her when she was really little…

Your behavior is your choice.  And so is your existence.  I am tired of your meddling.  Just what will you say to convince me from removing you from all existence?

Muse: I’m…I’m sorry!

Come out of her, immediately!

*Dark Muse exits Muse*

You have been nothing but trouble.  Why should I continue to let you exist?

Dark Muse:  Because…because maybe I want to be good.  I have always been rejected.  Always!  When she was young, she spit me out!  While she was having all those yummy ideas, I was in the corner, crying!  You tell me if you have ever felt despised or rejected!  You tell me!  *sniff* *sniff*  I always wanted a home, but she would never give me one!  Those other yummy ideas got their homes, but I had to sneak my way in with the other food!  She would’ve never eaten me if I would’ve done that.  Never! So go ahead and yell at me!  All I wanted to do was have a little fun.  Swim around as a mermaid fishy and drink those juice things.  Am I allowed to do that, or are you going to keep yelling at me…eee…eee…. *sob* Go on!  Make me disappear!  Erase me from existence!  I was a mistake from the beginning…Here…You can have this stupid body!  I don’t want it!

*Bad Idea exits Dark Muse, resembling a pale ghost*

Bad Idea: See?  This is what I really look like!  Despite it being 29 years, I still look like I did from day one.  Just a sorry stupid idea from a five-year old Muse.  So go on.  Get rid of me…


Bad Idea:  *sniff* Well?  Are you gonna?

Dear, stop.  Please.  Why would I ever get rid of you?  Get back inside your body.  Don’t worry.  I won’t get rid of you.

*Bad Idea enters Dark Muse body*

Dark Muse:  You won’t?  Then why did you yell at me?

I was upset with the way that you were behaving.  Don’t despair over your painful past.  There is some good in you.  Just now you have shown it…

DarK Muse:  You know…It’s a old habit.  The behavior I mean.  Sometimes I feel like it makes me forget about the past…Tee hee…Sorry.  I laugh when I’m nervous…

You don’t need to escape to cover up the past.  Just put it behind you and move forward…

Muse:  Huh? Wha? Where am I?  Universe Muse?  What is she doing here?

*Muse backs away from Dark Muse*

Dark Muse:  No…Don’t.  I don’t mean any harm!  Really I don’t!

Muse:  Then why do you keep trying to enter me?

Dark Muse:  Hmm…Sorry.  It’s a habit.  I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years.  I feel like you won’t accept me if I’m not in you…

Muse:  Is that what it’s been about this entire time?  Listen.  You don’t have to enter me for me to accept you.  Just don’t enter me again!

Dark Muse:  I won’t!

Muse:  Besides, you already have your own home.  Just look in the mirror!

Dark Muse:  Hee!  You’re right!

*Dark Muse runs over to Muse*

Dark Muse: Here. Give me a hug.  I want to feel accepted!

Muse:  No tricks, okay?

Dark Muse:  Of course not!

*Dark Muse hugs Muse*

Dark Muse: *sniff* Thank you…

Fret not, dear.  Your wounds are healed.  It may not look like it, but the healing is already starting to begin.

Muse:  Speaking of healing, where’s Kyle?

Dark Muse: Um…I kind of turned him into a fish?

Muse: How do you “kind of” do that?  You either do or you don’t!

Don’t worry about restoring everything.  I have removed all of her powers and will turn everything back.

Muse:  And my parents?

Salacia, Neptune, and all of your underwater kingdom has been restored.  So has Remedy, Nurture, and Kyle.

Hey!  Whoa!  That felt weird.  What just happened?  Wait.  I’ll just use my One Privilege to get up to speed…Oh.  I see.  So she wants to change?  It’s going to take a whole lot to earn my trust!

Dark Muse:  You don’t have to trust me, but I trust you.  You’ll see…Tee hee!

You see?  Her laugh is something that you can’t trust.

Dark Muse:  No!  It’s not like that…I laugh when I’m nervous…Tee hee…

Nervous?  Alright.  I’ll buy it.  Just know that I have my EYE on you!

*teleports back to reality*

Dark Muse:  He doesn’t trust me but I do.

Muse:  Why would he?  You have done more hurt to him than anyone.  Why would he trust you?

Dark Muse:  Why do you trust me?

Muse:  Well, I only trust you a little.

Dark Muse: A little?

Muse:  Well, a little is better than no trust at all, right?  There’s something about you.  I can see that you’re really trying…

Dark Muse: I am!

Muse:  Well, it’s time to go back to my kingdom…

Dark Muse;  Wait! Can I go with you?  I just wanna make friends with all the fish and the merthingies!

No elixirs.  Not even one.

Dark Muse:  I’m actually done drinking that stuff.  It was starting to make me feel sick…

Good.  A mere Muse like you could not stomach that much power…

Muse:  Than how can you?

I was the product of a cosmic explosion that rearranged my DNA with the One Privilege.  The One Privilege is the fabric of my body and it flows through all of my veins.  I am the gatekeeper of this story universe.  There is no power that I can’t stomach…Now, leave me to my rest.  If there is a grave emergency, call on me…

Muse:  And she’s gone.  Sure.  You can come.  Don’t go causing mischief.

Dark Muse:  Yay!  i won’t!  I promise!

*Muse and Dark Muse vanish in a series of bubbles*

Well, things are back to normal now, thanks to the Universe Muse.  The ultimate fail-safe whenever any story arc goes wrong.  Now to enjoy this weekend…

Today’s high is going to be 78 degrees and the silver lining is the weekend finally being here.

To those of you who are glad that it’s Friday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Salacia: I’m so glad to have you back, dear! This calls for a celebration!

Neptune: Indeed, my dear!  With the return of my angelfish, I will throw a feast in her honor!

Muse:  In my honor?

Neptune:  Of course!  From this day forward, Let this day be known as the feast of Princess Muse!

Merpeople: Hooray!

*Neptune thrusts his trident upward to make a giant banquet table appear, filled with food*

Neptune:  Let the feasting begin!

*Neptune, Salacia, Muse, and the other Merpeople begin crowding around the table and eating the food*


*meanwhile, Dark Muse is swimming around in her mermaid form with a large school of fish*

Dark Muse:  Kyle doesn’t trust me.  But he will soon enough!  Kyle, don’t worry.  You can trust me…Tee hee…