Me & My Muse – Day 1839B: The Dark Flood

My Muse quietly tip-toed outside, glancing around carefully.  In her hands was a key fob that made a copy of, from her Intangible abilities.  “I hope he doesn’t wake up…”

She stared at the car and her eyes became faint.  Her heart melted and she quietly moaned.  It was a white car with a Toyota logo in front of a fancy grill with seven rows, each descending down like a staircase.

Miss 2017 Toyota Camry XLE?” she whispered.  “Do you mind if I stay the night?” A large fluffy pillow materialized into her bare hands.  She unlocked the car, hoping the two beeps wouldn’t wake anyone up.

She got inside from the rear driver’s side door and laid herself across the bench seating in the back.  There was plenty of room for her to lay on the almond leather seating, and she fluffed her pillow before setting it against the passenger side door.  She quietly closed the driver’s side door behind her and laid down on her stomach, her feet resting on the seating nearby the driver side door.  A blanket materialized over her and she breathed a sigh of ecstasy.  “Why does he have to have such a good car?” she sighed. “No.  It’s not his. It’s mine!” She laid on her bed of leather upholstery and after a few minutes of relaxed breaths, she fell asleep.

She woke up to a sudden feeling in her legs.  Both her legs fused together and flashed. A series of scales covered it, forming a tail.  Her hair grew until it covered her butt, which started to vanish into a concentration of scales that made up her mermaid tail.  Her breathing became labored, and she began gasping for breath.  Her hands cupped the surface of the seat she was resting on and a surging jet of water flowed out of her hands.  In mere seconds, the car was filling with water.  And after a couple minutes, the car was completely filled with water.

My Muse continued to breathe fast, but her breathing became more relaxed as the seconds went by.

Honey…”A voice echoed in her mind.

She gasped.  “Mom?”

What are you doing in the surface world? You are supposed to flood their planet.  Your father Neptune wants to restore the world to the way it was before those filthy humans began polluting it. Come home now, dear.

The entire water-filled car flashed and disappeared in a flashing bubble.

It appeared in the Realm of Imagination, which was now fully underwater.

My angelfish, look at how much our home has expanded.  You don’t have to live in that crowded little room of water anymore.”

My Muse swam around in the submerged car and waved her hand to open it.  “I really like the car, mom.  Can I keep it?”

“Keep whatever you wish, dear.  The trash of those humans is of no value to me…”

My Muse began swimming in a series of circles and cheered.  “Hooray!”

Meanwhile, Neptune was fast asleep.  The Dark Muse swam underwater like a wanderer.  She was longing to find a place to call home.

She glanced around at a tall structure:


Dark Muse: I saw that my home grew a fishy tail so I came down here!  Tee hee!  Could she be in that big shiny house? I’m coming!  Tee hee!


The Dark Muse swam inside and wandered around the dark rooms.  Having seen the series of bubbles, she smiled:


Dark Muse: Intangibles don’t have to breathe!  Tee hee!


The Dark Muse continued walking around the corridors, noticing a glint of light coming from below:


Dark Muse:  Is that a night light?  I want one ‘cause I’m scared of the dark!  Here I go.  Tee hee…


She continued down the stairs and the light got even brighter.  She reached the bottom of the stairs and noticed the light flowing from a vault door that was seemingly shut.  But as she approached it, she noticed that the door was opened just a crack.  She approached the door and walked through the opening…


Dark Muse:  Oooooh!  Pops and juice!  I love juice!  Tee hee!


She approached the various flasks and containers of elixirs and began drinking them.


Dark Muse:  G-g-g…Mmm…TEE HEE HEE HEE!!!! So yummy!

She flashed brightly and began drinking more and more of the elixirs.  She flashed brighter with each one that she drank.  Finally, she drank the last one.


Dark Muse:  Mmm…Tee hee! That was so yummy!  I know where my home is! Tee hee!

In a bright flash, she teleported to where my Muse was sleeping.  She decided to get back into the 2017 Toyota Camry XLE and rest there for the night.

Dark Muse:  What a pretty car.  There she is!  Tee hee! My home…

The Dark Muse opened the rear driver’s side door and entered my Muse.

Muse:  Tee hee!  I feel flashy…I’ll play some more tomorrow.  Tee hee…

The Muse flashed.  A waterproof diaper appeared, covering the bottom portion of the tail.

*Muse closes door to car and falls asleep*