Me & My Muse – Day 1642: BRRR!!! It’s Friday!

Brrr indeed!  When I went into work this morning, it was 16 degrees below zero, and that was WITHOUT the wind chill!

And for today, it has not gotten any warmer either.  I’ll get more into that when I give the temperature at the end.

For today, it was pretty much straightforward.  It was dead when the store opened, and extremely busy by lunch time.  With that, I was still able to leave by my normal time.

I also heard that the remodeling for the store that I work at starts next week.  More on that in Monday’s entry.

With it being pay day, I cashed my check and came home.  I put in some laundry and took a shower.  I will now enjoy this weekend.  I may visit my Muse’s cute little friend.  She’s the same size as my Muse and she looks so cute!

My Muse is eight years old today.  She is 3’2″ tall and she weighs 42 pounds.  The height of a three year old and the weight of a six year old.

Today’s high is going to be 7 degrees and the silver lining is getting paid and staying warm inside.

To those of you who are staying warm, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


*Nurture fastens Dark Muse’s diaper*

Dark Muse:  Thanks Mrs. Muse’s mom!  Um, can I call you mommy?

Nurture:  No you can’t.  I am not your mother!

Dark Muse:  Thanks, MOMMY!  Tee hee!

Nurture:  Anytime, honey.  Now should we go and see what your sister is doing?


Muse:  It was so cold today that I don’t have to go to school!  I don’t like that Dark Muse.  She’s always getting me into trouble!  She does something funny with her eyes and my mom and dad listen to her!

Dark Muse:  Oh sister!  Where are you?  (Oh, I can’t wait until tonight!  Tee hee!  I’ll be able to visit my home again!  I’ll wait until she’s fast asleep before I enter.  Tee hee!)