Me & My Muse – Day 1629: All Aboard!

If Tom Hanks was a train conductor, this is what he would be shouting outside your house on Christmas Eve.

Now what would Tom Hanks be doing here?  Your train has arrived.  You stopped believing in Santa Claus so you are now greeted by a magical train.  A train bound for the North Pole.  Make your decision quick.  The train conductor is very strict about being on time and he is not going to wait for you another minute.

If your decision was yes, then welcome aboard.  You are on The Polar Express.  A special service offered to help kids who have any lingering doubts about the man in red.  The ride is free, and every kid will meet Santa before he takes off to deliver his gifts around the world.

Tonight, I will be seeing this movie.  If I have said it before, I will say it again.  This movie gets better and better every time you see it.  It’s magical and nostalgic.  Can you remember your childhood memories about Christmas?  This movie will bring them all back, because you, the viewer, are riding that train with them.

*Muse transforms into her adult form*

Muse:  So you’re seeing the Polar Express?  I LOVE that movie!  Tee hee!  Rather than seeing it alone, I think I’ll join you.

Please do.  Just remember, miss.  The conductor does not like to wait.  We want to start the movie ON TIME and end ON TIME!  We have a tight schedule to keep tonight…

Muse:  Okay, Tom Hanks.

Besides that, I have the day off.  Tonight, I’ll watch the movie.

My Muse is once again eight years old today.  Is she just going to stay eight for the rest of the 100 days?  Anyway,  she is 3’2.5″ tall and she weighs 42 pounds.  The height of a four year old and the weight of a six year old.

The high today is going to be 31 degrees and the silver lining will be watching The Polar Express tonight.

To those of you who love reliving your childhood memories through Christmas Movies, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.

Muse:  To gear up for the movie tonight, I’m brewing up a a large pot of HOT CHOCOLATE!  Hot hot!  Oh, we got it!  I love that movie.  Tee hee!