Me & My Muse – Day 1611: Wrapping Things Up

So far, so good!  I worked my morning shift, filled up my gas, came home, and wrapped some more gifts.

As for tonight, I will be attending a Toastmasters meeting.  I will then have some half-off appetizers at Applebee’s, since Taco Bell is still closed for remodeling.

Having that said, I’m going to bring this to an end…


*Muse appears in a small beam of light*

Muse: Kyle!


Muse:  Have you asked Santa Claus what you want for Christmas?  I have!

Oh.  So did you go and visit Santa Claus?

Muse:  Yes.  Mom took me to see him after school.  I want to help Santa out so do you know what you want for Christmas?

Yes.  Didn’t you already get me some gifts?

Muse:  No.  Can you please tell me?

Okay.  What is your favorite thing?  Get me that for Christmas!

Muse:  Okay!

So, how old is my Muse today?

Muse:  I’m seven.  Mom told me that I had a bad day yesterday, but I can’t remember it.

Well, you can’t remember because you were only four yesterday.  What do you remember?

Muse:  I remember showing you my underwear in my drawer and telling you how many M&M’s I got from using the potty.  I got a bunch more today.  I still can’t do it at night…

That’s okay.  Did your mom measure you?

Muse:  Yes.  I’m a little shorter and I lost two pounds.  I am 3’1″ and I weigh 36 pounds.

That’s the height of a three year old and the weight of a four year old.

Muse:  But I’m seven!  Mom just tells me that I’m short for my age.  Would you want to hear me sing?  Mom signed me up for a Christmas children’s choir.

Yes.  I would love to hear you sing at that.  What do you want for Christmas?

Muse:  Some new dolls and a new dollhouse!  I hope that Santa gets me those things.

He will if you’re a good girl…

Muse:  I’m a very good girl!  My mom tells me that I am!  …Oh.  I can hear my mom in my head.  She’s calling me.  I gotta go…Bye Kyle!

*Muse vanishes in a small beam of light*

That was cute.  I wonder what she’ll get me for Christmas?  Her favorite thing, but what is that when she’s seven years old?

Anyway, I now need to get ready for tonight.

Today’s high is going to be 41 degrees and the silver lining is getting some presents wrapped.

To those of you who are shopping or wrapping your gifts, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Nurture:  Where were you, dear?

Muse:  I went to Kyle’s house!  I wanted to ask him what he wanted for Christmas!

Nurture: Because you want to be one of Santa’s helpers?  That’s real nice of you, dear.  Did he tell you?

Muse:  Uh huh!  He wants my favorite thing!

Nurture:  You’re going to give him that?  How will you live without it?

Muse;  I won’t have to.  I can make another one!  Tee hee!