Me & My Muse – Day 1605: Tour and a Meeting

To review, today went pretty swell.  After work, I went to Dow for a tour and a meeting with another contact afterward.

Now finished for the day, I am now going to catch up on last week’s episode of Survivor before the next one comes on tonight.

In using my One Privilege, my Muse is now five years old today.  She is 2’11” and she weighs 32 pounds.  The height of a two and a half year old and the weight of a three year old…

*is teleported to Muse’s house*

Muse:  Hi Kyle!

Nurture: Muse!  Honey, it’s not nice to teleport Kyle unless you ask him first.

Muse:  Okay!  Kyle, can I please teleport you?

Well, I guess.  I was just about to end this entry, actually…

Nurture: Oh honey.  Do you have to go potty?

Muse:  Yes I do!  Now I don’t!  Tee hee!

Nurture:  Honey, you need to let me know when you have to go next time.

Muse:  No!  I don’t wanna!

Nurture: This is just a phase, Kyle.  She wasn’t like this yesterday.

Well, I’m going back home then.  I’ll see you later, Muse!

Muse:  Can I please teleport you back here when you get home?

No.  But you can teleport me here on a different day!

Muse:  Okay!  Bye bye Kyle!

Bye.  Listen to your mommy, okay?

Muse  Okay!

*teleports back to reality*

I don’t know what it is, but my Muse is in a hyper mood right now.  Well she’s just a kid so it’s probably one of her many phases…

Time to wrap this one up for today.

Today’s high is going to be 43 degrees and the silver lining is having the tour and the meeting today.

To those of  you who like professional development, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


*Nurture begins changing Muse’s diaper*

Nurture:  Honey, be a good girl and let me know when you have to go potty again.  Let me know before bedtime, okay?

Muse:  But I don’t wanna!

Nurture:  You’re five, dear.  I’m not going to let the teacher aides keep changing you.  You’re going to learn…

*Nurture puts Muse’s dress back on*

Muse:  I have to go, mommy!  Just went!  Tee hee!

Nurture: *sigh*


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