Me & My Muse – Day 1558: Friggatriskaideka…what?

Ah, superstitions.  If you are a very superstitious person, I would beware of this day.  And with it being Friday the 13th in October, that might be even for cause for alarm.  You might find 13 smashed pumpkins in your yard or 13 black cats.

Well, it’s a good thing that I’m not superstitious.  All I see friggatriskaidekaphobia as is just a fun word to say.  Who’s afraid of Friday the 13th?  I’m not.

Apparently, there were some that were afraid, since work was not as busy today.  Okay.  Maybe not.  It might just be a mere coincidence.  It went quite smoothly and everything should be all set for tonight.

As for yesterday, all that happened is that somebody called in sick.  In the world of food service, that can be quite the detriment.

Since yesterday, I have had a good amount of time to think about success and failure.  A person who never fails is actually worse off than someone who does.  Think about it.  There is no way that you can possibly grow as a person if you don’t fail.  From somebody, I have heard it called “failing forward”.  Failure is necessary to keep us grounded in reality.  It gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes, and we are able to accurately assess what we are capable of.  Whether something is within our control or not, failure is there to help us redetermine our approach to success.

Anyway, that’s my thought on yesterday.  To bring things up to speed, my Muse was 2,532,726,002 miles tall yesterday.  Today, she is 94,543,894,734 miles tall.  Wow.  That’s over 93 BILLION miles of growth overnight!

And that reminds me.  I need to activate this master key.



*is teleported into outer space*

(Uses One Privlege to be able to breathe in outer space)  Oh my goodness!  The entire solar system can fit in the palm of her hands!  Hey!  Put that down!

Muse:  I put solar system in pocket!  Tee hee!

I’m putting an end to this.  Time to travel to the center of the Teeheeverse!  There.  That was quick.  Now to the Tee hee planet.  And I will enter her enormous house.  Time to enter her room…

*teleports to Dark Muse’s room*

And there she is.  The Dark Muse, sleeping peacefully in her crib.  Easily the size of 100 universes.

Tee hee hee… What are you doing here?

What does it look like?  I’m getting my universe back!  You transformed it into your Teeheeverse!

I like my Teeheeverse.  Tee hee!  You’re not changing it back!

Well, I guess we’re at a stalemate.  Whatever you try to do to me, I can undo with my One Privilege.

Stop! Tee hee!

Urrr…I can’t move.  Enable movement.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

There.  Now to enter her quickly.

*is stopped by a forcefield*

Great.  A forcefield.  Let me guess…I have to be the Dark Muse to enter.  Fine…

*uses One Privilege to transform into the Dark Muse*

Time to enter my home!  Tee hee!

Go right ahead!  Tee hee!  There’s plenty of room!

There.  I’m in.  Tee hee…(That tee hee came out automatically.  I can’t stop saying it when I’m in this form.)  Now to go to the center of this universe and find me again! Tee hee!

Found my galaxy and my planet!  Now to find my house!  Tee hee!  There.  I’m in my room, sleeping of course!  And I’m enormous!  At least a mile tall!  Tee hee!  Time to fall asleep…Tee hee…

There.  I’m dreaming now.  I can take the disguise off.  Tee hee…

*transforms back to normal*

Now for the master key.

Dark Muse:  Don’t use it!  Tee hee!

Too late.  I am.  All other One Privileges except for mine will be disabled.  Master key, ENGAGE!

*a large flash fills the room, absorbing the power of every active One Privilege*

There.  That should limit all the yielders to their own universes.  You and your Teeheeverse are banished to your own dimension and the entire universe is restored.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

Dark Muse:  No!  Tee hee!

Oh.  And a Dark Muse without a One Privilege and any desire for one is generated.

Dark Muse:  Tee hee!  What am I doing here?

I had to fix what was wrong.  Due to the mess, you now have an evil twin sister that has her own Teeheeverse.

Dark Muse:  Teeheeverse?  Sounds funny!  Tee hee!

Well, it wasn’t, since it replaced our universe.  Should your evil twin return, you will confront her.

Dark Muse;  I will!  Tee hee!  I will go inside my twin’s home!  Tee hee!

Good.  We’re now going to wake up from this dream…

Okay.  I’m now back at my house.  Time to check on my Muse…

*teleports inside Muse’s house*

Wow.  My Muse’s house is enormous!  And, it’s just as I suspected again.  My Muse is taking advantage of her size…


Muse:  Hi Kyle!  Where do you think that the solar system should go in my house?

Nowhere.  Put it back where it belongs!

Muse:  Okay.  Fine!  I’ll go to a different galaxy and get a different solar system!

*Muse teleports and reappears in a few seconds*

Muse:  I’m back!  I found another solar system.  It’s a little tinier than ours, but I’ll put in on display here.

You’re going to collect different solar systems and display them in your house?

Muse: What’s wrong with that?  I’m starting to get bored just going around the Milky Way galaxy.  I’m exploring other galaxies now.

And what will you do when you’re galaxy-sized?

Muse:  I’ll explore groups and clusters, of course!  I love being so big!  Have a fun night, Kyle!  Oh, and thanks for saving the day again…

*Muse vanishes in a beam of light*

I think I’ll return to my house.

*teleports back to house*

There.  The Dark Muse is where she belongs.  Her twin that I made will keep the other one in check.  Time to enjoy this weekend!

Today’s high is going to be 67 degrees and the silver lining is it finally being Friday.

To those of you who are not friggatriskaidekaphobic, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I found some more solar systems!  These would go good in my collection.  I wonder what my dad will think of them?