Me & My Muse – Day 1538: Saturday Sketch

Like yesterday, it’s going to be another sunny day.  The perfect day for creativity.  My manuscripts are overdue to be read and completed.

So without further ado, it’s time that I get started…


Muse:  Kyle!

What?  Where are you?

Muse:  I’m in my room!

And how can I hear you?  *walks outside*  That’s strange…The sky is a different color…

Muse:  That’s because we’re in my room!  Don’t you just love the view?

What did you do?

Muse:  I just took the continental United States and laid it across my tummy.  Isn’t this fun?

For you, it is! Put the United States back where it belongs!

Muse:  Okay!

*Muse leaves her house and places the United States back in the earth*

Okay…Why don’t I see the sun?

Muse:  That’s because I teleported the earth to my realm!

And why did you do that?

Muse:  You told me that I could!  Remember?

No…When did I tell you?

Muse:  It was late last night!  I asked you and…maybe you can’t remember?

Of course I couldn’t!  I was probably half asleep when I said that…

Muse:  Well, you said it!  I think the earth has a good spot in my backyard!

More like another house!  I can see your house from here and it looks like another planet!

Muse:  Well, I am 5,557.1 miles tall today, so my house would be about the size of your planet.  My, am I getting big!  Tee hee!

You’re getting too big!  Put the earth back into outer space at once!  Back exactly where it belongs!

Muse:  Okay!  Fine!  This will take just a second!

*earth is teleported back into outer space, between Venus and Mars*

Muse:  There.  Back where it belongs!  Your earth is starting to get too small for me…*sigh*

And you’re getting too big for me!  *sigh*  I mean, all the oceans are like a reflecting pool to you…

Muse:  There’s barely any water!  It doesn’t even cover my feet!  I think I’ll visit Jupiter and Saturn…

But gravity…!

Muse:  The gravitational field won’t even affect me!  I’m Intangible, remember?!

But there won’t be water there.  Those planets are mostly made up of gases…

Muse:  I’ll still be able to walk on top of the surface.  I’ll see you later!  Bye!

*Muse teleports in a beam of light*

Wow.  It seems like earth is no fun to my Muse anymore.  She is getting so big that she needs to go to larger planets just to have fun.  Anyway,  Time for the manuscripts…

Today’s high is going to be a toasty 94 degrees and the silver lining is being able to work on my manuscripts.

To those of you who are enjoying the weather on this Saturday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Jupiter is pretty fun.  I’ve already explored most of it so Saturn will take even less time to explore.  I guess I can play with Saturn’s rings…Tee hee…

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