Me & My Muse – Day 1511: Greetings from Tinley Park!

And farewell at the same time! The wedding was amazing.  I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of it.

I am just about ready to leave the hotel to go home.  I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Tinley Park, about 30 miles southwest of Chicago.

And wow!  I can see my Muse in the distance.  She’s 11,450 feet tall today.  Almost 2 miles tall.  I’ll talk to her in her realm later today.

Time to head home!  I’ll then get ready for tomorrow.  That is pretty much this day in a nutshell.

Today’s high is going to be 73 degrees and the silver lining is being back from the wedding.

To those of you who like going on car trips, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Whoa!  The Sears Tower is a little tinier today.  Like yesterday, it barely grazes the bottom of my leg!  From here, it looks like a toy.  Hi Chicago!