Me & My Muse – Day 1481: A Fantastic Finish

In looking ahead, I know that I am off to a wonderful start.  All of my housekeeping items are caught up and I can tell that work is going to be wonderful today.

I will now finish getting ready, and…


Muse:  We’re all set.  On your command, Kyle!

On my command, what?

Muse:  We are ready to put an end to the Galactic Empire!  On your orders, we will take everything down!

Who’s doing what?

Muse:  Finn is commanding the fleet of X-Wings to take down all the Death Stars.  Reye has the bombs in place to blow up the Death Star production plant.  My father has all of the fleet surrounding every clone trooper production facility, and is ready to destroy each facility on command.

And you?

Muse:  I’m ready to take out Sith Muse once and for all.

Where did you get all the extra Jedi?

Muse:  There were a great number of civilians that did not want to get oppressed by the Empire.  The Force just came on them strongly!  It was amazing, Kyle!

Okay then.  Begin the assault!

Muse:  All teams!  You heard him!  Let’s take down the Empire!

Meanwhile, aboard Finn’s battleship…

Finn:  Red Leader Six!  What’s your report?

Red Leader Six:  Death Star Alpha is down!  Going to regroup with the others, sir!

Finn:  And your reports, Red Leaders Fifteen and Twenty?

Red Leader Fifteen:  I called for backup to take out the Tie Fighters.  I got a clean shot on the reactor core.  Death Star Delta is going down!

Red Leader Twenty:  Just launched the missiles into the reactor!  Death Star Omega is finished!

Finn:  Excellent!  The Death Star squadron will be down shortly!

Meanwhile,  at the Death Star production facility…

Reye:  There.  Three minutes until the whole facility blows up.  Time to escape!

*Reye boards starship and escapes Death Star production facility*

Meanwhile, aboard Remedy’s battleship…

Remedy:  Okay team!  Begin detonation now!

Team:  Time has been set for detonation.  All facilities will be destroyed in five minutes.

Remedy:  Good!  Report back to me when you have escaped.

Meanwhile, back at reality…

It looks like everything is falling into place.

Muse:  This will not end today.  The last of the Empire will be scattered and there will be a great battle.  Time to prepare for that.

And I’ll prepare for work.  Good luck!

Muse:  Thanks!

*Muse teleports in a beam of light*

Today’s high is going to be 76 degrees and the silver lining is it finally be Friday.

To those of you who are glad that it’s the end of the week, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  This is the end of the Empire!  Sith Muse, you are going down!


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