Me & My Muse – Day 1475: A New Hope…

For today, it’s pretty much the day to exhale.  My friend will be coming over later, so that should be fun.

I will now get ready…


Remedy:  Kyle!  Come quickly!

What is it?

Remedy:  She’s going for her!  We need to support her should anything fail…


*teleports with Remedy to Sith Mothership*

There.  I have cloaking on both of us so that the clone troopers will neither see us nor hear us.

Muse:  Forgetting something?

Sith Muse:  You…How did you survive?  Either way, that doesn’t matter.  Because your life is going to be terminated for good this time!

*Sith Muse draws her lightsaber*

Muse:  For you, that is what I seek to accomplish!  For all the Jedi that spent their lives to take you out!

*Muse draws her lightsaber*

Sith Muse:  Those poor things…As you can see, they were unsuccessful…So you think that you can best me, huh?  Go for it!

*Muse and Sith Muse exchange blows with their lightsabers, blocking each blow and crossing their blades against each other*

Sith Muse:  Well?

Muse:  Well what?

Sith Muse: As much as I want this to go all day, I have other things to do!

*Sith Muse blasts Muse with a beam of dark energy, which Muse quickly back flips to avoid*

*both Muses begin circling around the center of the room trying to slash each other, but each strike is successfully blocked*

Muse:  You dreaded witch!  Stand still so I can cut your head off!  HYAH!!!

*Sith Muse stands still, while Muse fiercely strikes Sith Muse in each direction, with Sith Muse moving her lightsaber in every direction that she strikes*

Sith Muse: I’m not moving, dear.  You see, I can block your blows, moving or not.

Muse:  Stop playing and strike me!

Sith Muse:  Are you sure you want that?  Why don’t you join me, dear.  Together, we can accomplish so much.  Surrender to the power of the dark side!


Sith Muse:  That voice!  That can only come from Luke Skywalker!  So you’re not fighting alone, are you?  That’s why I couldn’t kill you!  Well, I’m finished with all these trivial games.  This fight ends here!

*Sith Muse blasts Muse with a powerful dark beam, which knocks Muse across the room*

Muse:  UGH!!!  No fair!

Sith Muse:  Who said that the dark side ever had to be…fair?  Now stand still!!!

*Sith Muse raises Muse into the air, and begins force choking her, and sends a powerful current of electricity through her*

Muse:  AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Sith Muse:  It’s alright, my dear.  Pretty soon, you will be dead…

????:  No she won’t!

Sith Muse:  Is that?  No!  Impossible!

????:  You are quite the coward to hide in a body like that.  To make things fair, I will do the same.

*mysterious ghost enters Muse’s body*

????:  So your defeat was not enough, was it?  You remember the moment.  I hurled you over the edge.  It was all that I could do to save my son…

Sith Muse:  Darth Vader…

Anakin:  I don’t go by that name anymore.  Remember the name Anakin, for you will once again be defeated by it!  Ready, my son?  Go!

*Muse gets up and runs forward, quickly slashing at Sith Muse, who blocks every blow*

Palpatine:  Well, I guess that it’s time that I reveal who I am.  I am Palpatine, better known as Sidious.  But do not think for a second that you have won.  I have successfully rebuilt the Empire and it is stronger than ever.  A large fleet of Death Stars have this galaxy and neighboring ones in a state of surrender.  And should you beat my servant, let’s just say that I have other places to hide…So have at it!

*Muse hits Sith Muse, which blocks every blow, except the last one*

Muse:  You’re done!

*Muse unleashes a series of blows, which mortally wound Sith Muse, and knock her head off her body*

Palpatine:  This is not the end.  This is only the beginning.  You win this round…Anakin Skywalker!

*Palpatine’s ghost fades away, phasing through the walls of the Sith mothership*

Well, I’ve had enough of this.  We are getting our revenge.  Luke, Rey, Finn, and all the other Padawans and trained Jedi are alive again.  One Privilege, engage!

Luke:  Thank you, Kyle.

Anytime.  You all had an unfair fight against you…

Luke:  Indeed we did.  That Palpatine wasn’t using his normal Sith powers.  They were enhanced by the Master’s privileges.

Yes.  And I will remember to take them away from her when all is said and done.

Muse:  He said that he has other places to hide.  Could it be?

He’ll just inhabit another clone that he already has brainwashed to do his bidding.  The Sith Muse will live on through another clone.

Rey:  We need to take down the Empire.  All the ships and facilities…

Finn:  What about all those billions of storm troopers?

Don’t worry.  Haven’t I brought you all back?  We will bring an end to the Empire once again…

Luke:  But we need to plan once again.  To the Resistance headquarters!  It will be a new planet, so they won’t suspect our location.  Follow me!

*Luke and all the Jedi board escape cruisers and fly off, following Luke*


Muse:  Thank you for saving me.  I am now fully alive again.  I will follow them all and we will begin our plan to take down the Empire.  I’ll talk to you later!

Remedy:  I will follow her.  See you later, Kyle!

*both Muse and Remedy vanish in a beam of light*

Well, things are looking up for Muse, Luke, and all the other Jedi.  But it’s not over yet.  We still have to put an end to the newly rebuilt Empire.

I will now get ready for the day.

Today’s high is going to be 78 degrees and the silver lining is the possibility of my friend coming over later.

To those of you who like hanging out with friends on the weekends, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I am so glad that Kyle came through for us in the end.  Based on Luke’s directions, this planet will take a while to get to.  Time for a nap to save my strength for later…


Sith Muse:  There.  That Anakin won’t best me again.  Let’s see him try to best the power of 100 clones!  Mwa ha ha ha ha ha…

*99 other clones flash brightly and enter Sith Muse*