Me & My Muse – Day 1462: Four Years and Counting

Well, I told her and she’s on her way. My Muse is on her way to the Tower of Muses for a special “surprise”. I didn’t tell her what the “surprise” is, but she’s really excited about it. All I told her was that a “surprise” was waiting for her on the top floor of the Tower of Muses…

The surprise, you ask? As a Me & My Muse anniversary gift, I have decided to provide her with her own body. Laying on the bed is a Muse that is ready to come to life. All she needs to do is go inside it.

Muse (Day 1192): Hurry up!  I gotta go potty!

Muse (Day 1295): That tyke has a point.  I do hope that she hurries!  Hurry up, dearie!

Muse (Day 1384): I order that she hurries up!  This is no way to treat a princess!

Everyone. Relax. She’s on her way. Until she arrives, you all have to hide.

*a flood of “okay’s” are heard in the room*

While my Muse is on her way, I might as well tell everyone my plans for today. Since I’m up at Hubbard Lake today, I will be enjoying the lake. I will enjoy the water. Maybe do a little kayaking…

Shh! Everyone in your places! She’s on her way…

*dims light in room, until it turns off*

Muse: What’s going on? What is the meaning of this? Why is everything so dark in here? Kyle?


Muse: Oh wow! There’s a bunch of Muses in here! One from every past day, I’m guessing.

And…Did you look on the bed yet?

Muse: What is this? A Muse that is laying lifeless on the bed?

Guess. What do you think it is?

Muse: Wait! Isn’t it another body? You gave me one last year!

Happy anniversary. It’s another body! You can never have enough bodies. What if something happens to the one you are in? That body will not come to life unless you give it life. It is yours. Do you want to try it out?

Muse: Why not? Well I’m trying out my body right now!

*Ghost Muse flies out of Muse and into lifeless Muse, which begins to flash*

Original Muse: It…It feels…A little different. This is a good gift! What if something happens to the one that you gave me last year? With this one, I can be prepared. Thank you, Kyle!

*Original Muse gives me a big hug with her new body*

I have another thing planned. All the other Muses, enjoy the show!

Original Muse: Show? Oh yeah…(The spare body was a big surprise, but I knew about the show…)

Are you ready?

Original Muse: I was born ready. Time to get into costume…

Then let’s get started. Muses, take your places. Here we go…

This is a tribute to every entry that has been done in the past year. I wrote this just for you. I hope you’re ready, because here it goes…

It continued on with nursing the wounds.  And with another Brain Freeze in the fourth edition.  he entered the Tower of Muses again for the eleventh ascent.

Original Muse: And this coffee really hits the spot!

And I’m quite sorry, miss. Coffee *sip* is still NOT for Muses!  Especially for those that are dying…

Original Muse:  Says who?

Says me!

Original Muse:  But I still have plenty!

So do I!

Original Muse:  Lots of time!

Finally done?

Original Muse:  Not even close!

Can I finish?

Original Muse:  No you can’t!

Are you done?

Original Muse:  I just got started!

Well, I’m not finished!

Original Muse:  Says who?

Says me!

Original Muse:  Yeah right!

Now we’re finished!

Original Muse: Already?  But we just got started!  I guess that’s what happens when you’re three days from a new transformation cycle!  That was great! Just like we rehearsed! Only I have this awesome new spare body that you gave me and like last year, I don’t have to worry about being a ghost anymore! Time to switch into my next costume! I’ll be right back…

And now everyone…the metamorphosis! Everyone, brace yourself a brand new Muse!

Original Muse: All changed! Mommy did it.  Are we weady, Kyle?

Ready as I’ll ever be! Get ready for part two because here it comes…

It was one man and a baby facing the terrible twos.  Then it was crunch time, rest time, and quiet time since NESday is over.  And with Ideationesday and Toastmasthursday, he was turning up the heat.

Original Muse:  Kyle!  It’s too hoooot!

Well, take off that blanket!  That should help.

Original Muse:  But I wike my bwankie!

Can you do it for Kyle?  Thank you. Moving on…

The heat continues with another “twos”day and a Monday movie.  And now we see the aftermath of the brainstorm.  And with an overdue green haircut, he says “hello weekend!”.  With a Saturday of solitude, there is more peace with an August rotation.

Original Muse: What’s a wotation, Kyle?

It’s where things spin around and around and around!

Original Muse:  Can you give me a wotation, Kyle?

I will. Next!

It was time for Toastmasters, where he hit the DEC at…home.  Then it was a Toastmasters meeting and northward bound with greetings from Hubbard Lake, followed by the sequel.  Then it was back home for a brown haircut and a green haircut.  GoodNES awaits with hot ideas and birthday eve.

Muse:  I love birfdays!  Can we have one, Kyle?  Pweese?

Your next one is in a couple months.  *drinks a glass of water* Ahem…

He shouted “happy birthday!” with a birthday aftermath to follow.  There was a Sunday short, followed by a good night.  And during a cleaning marathon, he shouted “PENNIES!!!!!”, “BUFFALO!!!!”, and “FRIDAY!!!!”.  And after ice cream day, he had a Sunday brunch.

Original Muse: Kyle, I want ice cweam!

Not now.  Maybe later.

Original Muse:  But I want it NOW!

*ice cream sundae appears in Original Muse’s hand*

Original Muse:  Yay!  Ice cweam!  Yum yum yum yum yum!!!!  What’s next in the stowy?

With a birthday dinner part II, it was followed by a special Toastmasters Tuesday.  “I hate Wednesdays”, he grumbled after he opened up and said ahh…It was unfixable with a terrible rain.  And on green haircut SUNday, it was back to the grind.  He had an early start, and was full of ideas.

Original Muse: All done wif my ice cweam!

Yes you are. Time for the second half…

It was kind of short with a green haircut pay day.  The countdown begins with a day of leisure.  After a movie and a sushi, he got his cereal number with a noodle craving.  He was almost there, exclaiming “yay, Friday” before hitting the DEC in Lansing.

*sips a glass of water* Oh.  She’s fast asleep!  Next ten…

It was a day that he still never forgot, and after goodNES MonNES, he saw a baby universe.  He had a short idea monologue with no Toastmasters.  Almost there, he entered his Muse.  It was a quiet Sunday with time to think.  Then things went back to normal.

Original Muse: Uh oh!  I goed again.  Mommy!

Just a moment, folks…

*one diaper change later*

Okay.  She’s all set.  Moving on…

After a summer outro, there was an area speech contest with a round robin green haircut.  There was writing time with a slightly different Sunday.  A brief Monday followed, with TuesNESday, and an explanation of why Wednesdays are exhausting and why Thursdays can be pretty much the same.  Finally, we find out why Fridays can be so relieving.

Relieving.  Please don’t go again!

Original Muse: Mommy just changed me!  I fine Kyle!

Phew!  Good.  Okay.   On to the next ten…

It was catch-up day with a green haircut delay.  Manic MonNESday was followed by a Toastmasters night.  And with a mountain of boxes and its sequel, he saw the return of the radio.  And after hitting the DEC in Midland, he said “easy does it” in time for ketchup day.

Original Muse: I love ketchup!  Tee hee!

So do I.  Let’s talk more later. Moving on…

Mustard day followed with ideation day after that.  Then came the Thursday quickday, followed by a fun Friday.  “Let the weekend begin” he exclaimed, with cereal and rain and more NES,  and with the second cavern of coins, there was SUCCESS!!!!!  An oil change and more Toastmasters followed.  And after ideas, a conference call, and Survivor, he entered the Tower of Muses once again for the twelfth ascent.

Original Muse: Nice stowy!  What happens next, Kyle?  Isn’t it longerer and biggerer?

Yes it is.  There’s still 262 more to go before it’s over.

Original Muse:  I wanna hear more!  …Uh oh!  I goed again!  Mommy needs ta change me again! Be right back, Kyle.  Mommy…

And now everyone…The next form! Everyone, be prepared for The Twelfth Muse! It looks like she’s ready…

Original Muse: Phew!  I’m all changed.  How do I look, sweetie?

Amazing.  And that portrayal as a toddler was flawless!

Original Muse:  Oh, let me tell you dear.  It was not easy to pull off.  There were a few times that I almost went out of character, but I maintained it.  I should get a prize for playing such a humiliating role.  Anyway, I’m ready to go. Are you ready, sweetie?

Absolutely. Brace yourself for part three of this epic homage to the entries of yesterday…

It started with Muse Who?  Then came a singles gathering and speech contest planning and a friend visit.  With a green haircut and open house, there was ideas and speech contest planning.  The busy day is busy, with E Division contest eve, and the E Division speech contest and then rest.  It ended with a restful Sunday.

Original Muse: Wonderfully mixed, sweetie. That was super!

I appreciate that. Moving onward…

“Trick or Treat?!!” was the question, with leftover candy as the answer.  With bread, ideas, and Toastmasters, there was a pepperoni & jalapeno pepperoni stuffed crust deep dish and the November respite begins.  Falling back had two parts.  And with election eve and election day, it’s time to make America great again.


Original Muse: I loved it! It was powerful.  Keep going.

Celebration night followed, when we could just give humor a chance.  There were greetings from Midland with the fall conference recap and the NESday aftermath.  Then there was the Toastmasters District 62 Fall Conference aftermath, with a different Wednesday and a head start.  A freaky Friday followed with a snowy Saturday.

Phew! Another ten out of the way. *sips water* Time for the next ten…

Sunday shopping commenced, with NovemBRRR and saying goodbye.  After Thanksgiving eve, it was happy Thanksgiving.  Everyone shopped till they dropped after making a list and checking it twice. This made for a sleepy Sunday, followed by clicking till you drop, with a couple big updates.

Original Muse: Entering into Christmastime, right?

You got it. Moving on…

After getting a smart phone and a new computer, he was wrapping things up.  They grow up so fast, and one was cut down while they sang “O Christmas Tree”.  After a good night, it was another NESday with a hot water problem and a good start.  But forget the hot water.  There is more footage and a possible friend visit.

Original Muse: You weren’t sure? That’s okay.

Yup.  Time for another ten…

To NES or not to NES was the question.  And he was tired of the Monday snow day with a Tuesday dough day on top.  Millennials vs. Gen X ends tonight, with the mission beginning tonight.  There was a Jedi hangover and the playlist is done.  And now the bedding before he read twas the NES before Christmas.

Original Muse: It’s almost there!  I love Christmas.  Don’t you, dear?

I absolutely love Christmas. Only 40 more for this set…

After making a Christmas toast, he was all about that list.  The true meaning of Christmas was explained, followed by a conductor shouting “All Aboard!”  When twas the day before Christmas was over, he wished everyone “Merry Christmas!”.  The Christmas aftermath followed and the mission continued with an end of year checklist and Christmas part II.

That’s it!

Original Muse: Wow!  Talk about super speed!

After closing up the year, he wished everyone “Happy New Year!”  After starting off sick, there was a ketchup NES day.  He was told to hold the mustard, because here comes the pain.  It was a rough day, and now the weekend with a different kind of NES and Sunday sushi.

Original Muse: I just love sushi.  We should make it a date to have some soon.  My treat.

I’ll have to take you up on that.  Sushi it is.

Original Muse: It’s a date then.  Anyway, let’s keep moving on…

Just 20 more and we will be done!

After a Monday meeting, he saw Tuesday terrain where a woeful Wednesday followed before a treacherous Thursday.  Then there was a fun Friday and a sweet Saturday, where he was making the Switch.  There was growing pains and it was icy and wet with a wet Wednesday.

Original Muse: I hated that weather.  Wet and icy isn’t that fun to travel in.

So did I. But it’s pretty hot now. Let’s get these last ten done, okay?

After Frithursday, President Donald Trump was inaugurated.  Friday was a day late, with plenty of time for fun.  There was a slow Monday with two jobs and more job hunting.  After Thursday thunder, there was Friday fireworks, where he entered the Tower of Muses once again for the thirteenth ascent.

Original Muse: That was super!  Just like we practiced!

That’s right!  Now where were we?

Original Muse: We were on the four year anniversary.  Only 162 more! We still have quite a ways…

I know. Are you ready?

Original Muse: Absolutely dear.  I love this next transformation, since everyone treats me like royalty.  Time to change!  I’ll be back shortly…

And now everyone…The next form! Everyone, get ready for His Royal Highness

Original Muse: I am all changed now.  I picked my finest dress for the occasion.  Do you like it?  It’s the one that I always wear at all the finest balls and cotillions!  I am perfumed and I smell quite grand.  It’s the smell of royalty…

Yes.  I’m ready, and I do love your dress and that wonderful aroma.  Brace yourself for part four of this epic homage to the entries of yesterday…

Princess Muse took the stage, with a city, an invention, an airplane, a fish, a borrower, a castle, and a bathhouse all waiting for her.  Super Bowl Large part I began, with a long overdue NESday, while he muttered “for the want of a nail”.

Original Muse: Your stanzas…Your use of wordplay.  It reminds me of the poems that I read in my royal studies…

Yes.  It’s the best use I could make of that, considering it being anime movie week…

Original Muse:  It’s very poetic and original.  Something from a classic book of poetry…

Indeed it is.  Let’s move on, okay?

In the middle of the week, there was a new Toastmasters club to go to.  There was a knight in shining armor to rescue the sleeping beauty and the sequel from a bad hair day, just in time for a happy hallmark day.  He was singled out before he attended a funeral, making for a somber weekend.

Original Muse: Splendid wordplay.  Keep it up!

Thank you.  Moving on to the next ten…

There was a little problem, which led to a respite and a bad case of the Mondays.  The rains made a free car wash leading to more job hunting and more time with a friend.  After a Friday finish, there was a Saturday start, with a sleepy Sunday and a much better case of the Mondays.

Original Muse: Days of the week don’t matter much to me.  Every day is a wonderful day to be a princess…

That may be true, but Mondays can be different for commoners.  Time to move on. We still have 132…

After Mardi Gras and he opened up to say AHHH!, it was ashes to ashes with a job fair with time to switch.  “LEGO my Batman movie!” he shouted, just before a simple Sunday.  He was so 1337 with a bad case of the Tuesdays.  After a windy Wednesday, for the want of a nail got its sequel with part II.

Original Muse: You were short a nail?  That’s too bad.  My daddy has plenty of resources…

Good.  Shall we continue now?

“It’s-a me, MAR10!”, the plucky plumber shouted.  The other shouted “Happy birthday, dad!” followed by a birthday celebration and springing ahead.  With more snow, can winter end already?  To sweeten the deal, it was as easy as Pi, but it was not quite Friday yet.  Friday eve arrived in time for his lucky day.  SaturNESday and spring eve followed.

Original Muse:  Luck is a wonderful thing.  Especially if it’s a lady.

I see what you did there. 112 more and we’ll be finished.  Let’s continue…

It was time for Spring and time for Toastmasters.  He reached the halfway point, followed by a long and tiresome Thursday, and an ah, Friday.  “Can I PLEASE enjoy the rest of my Saturday?” he cried and he was given a satisfying Sunday.  He went back to the grind with cheesy bacon hot dogs and chili followed by work and a movie.

Original Muse:  Movies?  I do enjoy the live entertainment during the weekends.

I’m sure it’s grand.  We’re moving on.  On to the next set of ten.

With a long day, he was not writing today. This led to Me & My Muse finally ending this time followed by an April fools joke.  A respite followed, with a day of boredom and a freeze frame and fast forward.  “My arm…” he cried in pain just before an underwhelming Friday.  He then hit the DEC in Okemos.

Original Muse:  Arm pain you say?  You should see the royal nurse!  She can treat you with the finest remedies in the land!

I would love that treatment.  Moving on…

After a Palm Sunday respite, he told her “Conceal, don’t feel.”  He then saw Beauty and the Beast, which kept him busy busy busy running from the menace.  “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” he was told, and was given an ultimate strategy guide to the ultimate game.  After a Good Friday, it was Easter eve.  “Happy Easter!” he shouted.  More MonNES followed with a Tuesday Toastmasters meeting.

Original Muse:  Toast Master?  Why would you want to be Master of Toast?

I’ll explain later, but we need to continue this.  Okay?

WedNESday followed before a Thursday Toastmasters meeting.  Then it was Friday! Phew…Saturday solitude made way for Sunday solace.  Then the green haircut returned with the 2017 inaugural edition.  There was a clean bathroom and the bills were paid and the food was bought.  It was all in a day’s work, just in time for the weekend.

Original Muse:  Nice work as usual.  Moving on…

Moving on, we shall.  Just 72 remain!  Time for the next part of this special one-year tribute…

It was time for a nap, where he jested “happy Rainday”.  It May rain, with time for Toastmasters and part II of the green haircut.  The fourth was with him, as he shouted “May the Fourth be with you”.  After a pre-conference checklist, there was greetings from Okemos.  And with the Toastmasters District 62 Spring Conference Aftermath finished, he entered the Tower of Muses once again for the fourteenth ascent.

Original Muse: Splendid!  Just splendid!  All that rehearsing really paid off!

That’s right!  Now we need to move on.

Original Muse: Indeed we do!  Only 62 more and we’ll be done!  We still have a little bit to go…

I know. Are you ready?

Original Muse: But of course. It looks like I’ll be some kind of fighter.  Time to change into my next outfit!

And now everyone…The next form! Everyone, get ready for the Jedi warrior…

Original Muse: I am set!  Let’s wrap this up so that I can get some more lightsaber practice in.  I am ready to take down the great Luke Skywalker again!  Ready Kyle?

Yes I am.  Time to end this final set.  This is it.  The fifth and final part in this epic tribute to all of the entries that I have written in the past year…

She was the last Muse Jedi with a Wednesday pause to follow.  “Go EAST, Young Man!” was shouted, just in time for the weekend.  It was a green haircut weekend with a happy Mother’s Day.  Another application was submitted, followed by a Toastmasters Tuesday.  After that was a warm WedNESday and a Friday prelude.

Original Muse:  Is that your other name for Thursdays?

Yes.  I also like Friday eve, as I see Thursday as the final obstacle to Friday.  Anyway, moving right along…

There was a Friday aftermath and Saturday goodNES, followed by a Sunday storm and a flower exercise.  The first petal was complete, leading to petals two and three being done.  Then there was a fourth petal and a movie.  He took a break from flowers before a tired Saturday and another green haircut with lots of shopping.

Original Muse:  Speaking of tired, how much more of these do we have left?

We have just 42 left.  We’re almost there.  I know that we can do it!  On to the next ten…

After Memorial Day, he shared the petal of knowledge and the money petal.  And with the final petal, there was a final destination.  After he shouted “Hooray for Friday!” there was a green haircut marathon.  Then a sunny Sunday followed with a question:  “Where’s that flower?”  Then a Toastmasters Tuesday followed with him sighing “Phew! It’s Over…” after finishing a busy Wednesday.

Original Muse:  That’s what I’ll be saying when we’re done with all of these.  Hold on, lightsaber.  I’ll be there soon…

Yup.  I agree.  *sips glass of water*  Anyway, let’s move on to the next ten…

There was a crisis and a weekend, and he was in his clean car on a hot day.  He had a productive day and felt a little exhausted.  “Do I have to?” he cried before a much better Thursday.  And when Friday approached, he had nothing to say.  He then had dinner with the family.

Original Muse:  So correct me if I’m wrong.  You titled Friday with an ellipsis?

Yes.  We all have our days and that was mine.  Can we please change the subject and move on to the next ten?

Original Muse:  Yes!  Let’s move on.  Sorry I brought it up.

Moving on!

“Happy Father’s Day!” he shouted, just before a melancholy Monday.  It was a terrific Tuesday with the summer edition of WedNESday.  A chill Thursday was followed by a Friday flood.  The early training was early, which led to a Sunday calm.  And after a birthday NESday, there was MadNES…

Original Muse:  Almost there!  We’re just about done!

I know.  Just 12 more!  Let’s do this!  Let the next set of ten commence!

“Phew!” he exclaimed, because it was green haircut time.  And after Fiscal New Year’s Eve, it was a serene Saturday.  But that was just a dream after Fourth of July Eve.  “Happy Independence Day!” he shouted, with leftover fireworks the next day.  Then it was time to pack with a pre-trip checklist.

Ten more, check.

Original Muse;  Come on!  We have just two more!

I know!  Let’s do this!  Time for the last two…

And with his vacation in full force, he shouted “Greetings From Hubbard Lake!” with Me & My Muse at four years and counting.

Original Muse: Yay! We did it! As challenging as it was to play as Baby Muse, it was a whole lot of fun…The other forms were enjoyable too…

I know. And that performance was amazing. Anyway, that’s the tribute for this year.

Original Muse: I’m still beyond words. I had no idea that I was going to get a spare body. And then, we pulled off that flawless performance. Nurse Muse, Dying Muse, Original Muse, Baby Muse, Time Lady Muse, Princess Muse, and Jedi Muse. Changing into all those forms was a lot of fun.

I imagine. There were so many costume changes…

Original Muse: Yeah. It was quite the workout.  Form after form after form after form after form!  That was hard!

But we pulled it off, and now you have a new spare body. Happy four year anniversary!

Original Muse: You know, our relationship goes beyond Me & My Muse. Beyond these 1461 entries.

Indeed it does. I first started to talk about you in a couple of Think & Writes.

Original Muse: Ah. But our relationship goes beyond that even. Actually, a really long time…

It does. When I first felt creativity inside of me, that was you, right?

Original Muse: It was. All the way back when you were in fourth grade. You wrote The Brick Building. Now granted I was there before that, but I was too young to nurture my own ideas. And you heard it from me first. It was back then when I first started to have a crush on you.

23 years? You’ve had a crush on me for 23 years? And to be honest, I think that you were with me before I even started writing.

Original Muse: You’re right. I was there when you made up all those games when you were little. Where did you get the ideas? That was me. Hee hee! But I first started paying more attention to you when I was ten…

I agree. You and I go way back. All the way back to when my imagination first started taking form…

Original Muse: You were just a baby…

But aren’t we all? That’s where imagination starts. But when adulthood happens, a lot of that is lost…

Original Muse: You’re the lucky one. You still have me. And your imagination is never going to die. I’ll be sure of it!

Here’s to four years of these, right?

Original Muse: To four years, and many more! You started with something ExperiMENTAL, but look at where we are now!

I know…

*kisses Original Muse on the lips*

I still love the daily format. That is not changing. For shorter or longer, it’s staying the same.

Original Muse: I’m going to enjoy my new spare body. Come to my house when you’re ready…

You want me to pin you to the floor with a bunch of kisses, right?

Original Muse: *gives me a kiss on the lips* Yeah. *chuckles* See you around…

So there you have it. Four years of this experiment. An experiment where I said that if it doesn’t work, you will never see one of these again. 1461 of them later, I believe that they’re here to stay. This is an experiment that I have no regrets in starting at all. But before I continue, some ground rules.

In very much the same fashion as last year, I’m retiring rant posts forever. If there is ever any reason why I should be angry, it should not be expressed here. I want this blog to be a resource to everyone, and full of positive posts. If I am ever having a rough day, I will let you know, but I won’t express my negative feelings on this site anymore. None of you want to read that and I feel like it doesn’t do anything constructive. If it must go somewhere, it should be in a private journal, where the only reader is me, and not all of you.

My Muse is here to stay. If for some reason you still don’t like my Muse, there are plenty of other websites to go to, besides this one. My Muse is an expression of my inner longing for a significant other and my seamstress of creativity.

The high for today is going to be 82 degrees and the silver lining is celebrating four years of this experiment.

To all who had the patience to read this, I congratulate you.

Now if you would excuse me.  I need to go and talk to my Muse…in private