Let’s Write a Story!

I decided to run with one of my ideas that I thought of today.  In this one, you will read about a character named Murphy.  Who is this Murphy?  Read and find out!  Story begins below.  Enjoy!


What is the American Dream?  Well that doesn’t matter, because I woke up from dreaming for a while now.

Who cares about it?  It’s just a silly mantra to raise our hopes for getting that job, house, and family with 2.5 children.

If you want an American dream, try this on for size.  I have applied for seven jobs and I haven’t gotten an interview from a single one yet.  Yeah, I got that one job at Phil’s Fill-Up Station but the hours are non-existent.

As far as American Dreams go, that was destroyed at the last U.S. Election.  With Bradford Jones as president, he is stealing every one of our American dreams,  one by one.  Yeah.  His promise for creating all those jobs?  All lies.  Unemployment has gone up since he’s been in office.  “We Can Do It?”  That campaign slogan is so dumb.  No we can’t.

My brother Pete gave me an application for Romano’s and I filled it out.  He said that I will be interviewed tomorrow, so we’ll see how that turns out.  It’s just a pizza job, but it will bring in another paycheck.  That Phil’s Fill-Up is not giving me enough shifts as it is.

Well, I need to get back to the classifieds.  And then it’s time to slay a bunch of mythics.  I need to level up my characters before I go to the next dungeon.  Ultimate Quest XII is a pretty long game, if you do all the side quests and try to 100% everything.

And that interview is tomorrow.  Pete says that Romano’s hires anyone they interview.  We’ll just see about that.

American dream?  Just look at my college degree.  I still don’t have the job to match it.

We’ll meet again, journal.  I’ll be back.


September 6, 2010